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Boreal Laser Gas Detection


In Association with Boreal Laser Inc. the Alberta based Gas Detection Company that created a system that attaches to a helicopter, SkyBase has created a Flight & Gas Concentration Visualization & Reporting Tool. By overlaying both the flightpath (with direction) and the chosen 'hot' concentrations of gas on satellite imagery, spatial awareness of where all this happened is instant. Add the software platform of MapBuddy which allows communication to Garmin GPS units and the ability of extending the investigation to the ground means this tooling doesn't dead end at the flying.


If you have Boreal Laser's gas detection equipment already, you can visualise any of your previous and future flights with this tool. It has been designed to do a complete flight report, with overlays on satellite imagery, direction of flight, wind speed and direction, special notes etc can be added. **** If you have been supplied with the log files from previous flights, you can use this tool to visualize and document them with this new method, manipulate the visible concentrations, draw on the map, add waypoints etc.


MapBuddy Boreal Laser is Designed to show case particular concentrations of gas, sorted from all of the data in the log file and show where they were detected. A complete report of each hot spot, including special notes is easily performed right from this modular extension to MapBuddy.

Compatible Devices

This Gas Detection companion tool has been specifically designed to consume the log files from a Boreal Laser device and with MapBuddy, can send created waypoints to a Garmin to further the ground investigation, enhanced with another Boreal Laser Detector.


As with all SkyBase software deployments, if you have the program open, it's the latest and greatest. There are no updates to worry about ! Let us know if there is something that you'd like to see changed or added.

Price Tag

The Boreal Laser Extension for MapBuddy is $245.


MapBuddy – Boreal Laser Extension:

One time Purchase $245.00




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