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When Your Phone Rings

When a call comes in; you’ve got a job … what logistically do you need to know to proceed?                 where is it? how do I get there? how long does it take?   * which field office should respond? how do I get the info to create […]

Did you Know? … PatchMap is THE Industry Standard

Did you Know? … The Industry Standard for Field Navigation and Routing Logistics is …. who? If there is one, what are the parts needed to win this title? …    ***   which parts of the industry need to be won over?    ***   head office?  how do they distribute the information?   […]

14 January 2016
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Map Updates & Recent Finds

WTF ?… All my wellsites are gone!   We have heard this before and will hear it again:  “Your update removed all my wellsites, I want my old SD card back!” Even Garmin does not explain this properly … nor are there any videos to Google that explain this maddening bump. Unfortunately, even the old SD card […]

15 December 2015
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Did you know? … PatchMap-PC 2.0 is here !

As our only off-line PC product, PatchMap-PC 2.0 can be used as a large size GPS for navigation (via the included nRoute program) and for upload/download GPS communications for interaction with PatchMap. Designed to go off-line for an extended period  … to plan a project or collect data and assess it or transfer ideas and data back and forth […]

12 December 2015
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Did You Know ? … All Ways are Uphill

(click the photo) In early February 2005 Google Maps announced it’s existence … derived from a combination of the companies, Where 2 Technologies and Keyhole (with controversial investment from the CIA) along which a spin-off derived from Earth Viewer, now called Google Earth. A few months later in June 2005, their first Google Maps API appeared and […]

29 November 2015
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Did you know … PatchMap in GeoTrac GPS

Did you know? … PatchMap SD cards work in GEOTrac GPS systems ? You bet, just because your company has chosen the GEOTrac Vehicle Location System does not mean that you have to suffer their maps in the Garmin GPS units! Many of our customers are tired of the misplaced locations and the directions that leave them […]

19 November 2015
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ActiveMap – I Like It

So … we were creating our latest computer product, PatchMap-Web and were trying to figure out how to give a smartphone user a way to be shared the route that was created by someone at the office … and we came up with a method that we now call ActiveMap. Here’s how it works:   […]

16 November 2015
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Rig Locations FREE (for now) on PatchMap-Web

We know … why would we give this information away when several others are charging you a pretty handsome amount ? They claim to have more ‘contacts’ which should mean better … but so far users disagree ? Well, after a close look at what was available from AER & asking a few users of the brand […]

The Season of Pain ?

A shout out to all our Oil & Gas customers: We feel your pain … we would like to help you trim a few costs by getting efficient … and we’re going to eat 20% on our PC products this Christmas season to prove it ! Best take advantage: ends Jan4 2016. Some folks look […]

14 November 2015
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MapSource is Back (Soon)

Just a quick note for all you PatchMap users that really don’t want to leave the off-line platform of MapSource … it’s back! … or will be soon. With all the technology changes in the last few years since Garmin put MapSource into retirement, there has not emerged a proper replacement … and we should know. […]

8 November 2015
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New Saskatoon & Victoria Offices !

Right on … an office in Saskatoon ! After the Calgary Office was activated, the response from the other provincial centers was … well, pouty … so both SK and BC have representation now. Sydney Lyndon has stepped forward to represent SkyBase Solutions and our various PatchMap products from Saskatoon … this should comfort those who prefer to do […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … It’s a Secret

Did you know? … PatchMap is a best kept secret … oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you! There are many companies who leverage PatchMap completely … and they’d prefer that no one else knows … I guess that I can’t blame them … seems like there is such a thing as being too good […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … SAR = PatchMap

Did you know? … Any Search and Rescue Organization within the areas of PatchMap get everything we have for FREE … trouble is, if you give it away, people think that it’s not worth anything … as only a handful have taken us up on the offer … maybe if we start charging them for […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … 911 should use PatchMap

Did you know? … 911 has some of the crappiest maps of the hinterlands available to man. Those crisis management ladies are the most levelheaded people I could imagine knowing … no tools and still not panicking … absolutely amazing. Why they don’t have access to PatchMap is a mystery … it is the exact tool […]

Did you know? … Never Lost

Did you know? … 98% of all field staff have been lost before (2% liars), 70% in the last year and that might be conservative if people were to be honest with you when you asked them … definitions of ‘lost’ are suddenly important, etc.   OK, we will use the terminology ‘temporarily misplaced’ … […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … Free Competitors

Did you know? … 90% of all PatchMap (so called) competitor’s information is available from PatchMap FOR FREE ? … Caught your attention there, did we? Yup, all the other guys actually search for are LSD centroids, even if there is a UWI option, they produce the exact same location, the LSD centroid … try our tools (Free […]

Did you know? … New each Month

Did you know? … Once each month PatchMap is reprocessed and updated? That is so you have the most complete dataset at your fingertips whenever you have to head to the field … no more waiting months for updates ! Keeping current is no small investment … and doing that right means automation … PatchMap […]

Did you know? … Outperforms all Apps

Did you know? … PatchMap out performs 100% of all other apps built for the Canadian oil & gas regions. All the other apps shell (whimp) out to Google Maps for their routing … in this business, routing is the real test for whether you’re a man or a boy … PatchMap routes on it’s […]

Did you know? … Municipalities need PatchMap

Did you know? … 100% of Municipalities could use PatchMap-Web to advantage?   How about using PatchMap-Web for Roadwork Planning or Fire Protection and Emergency Response… as an example: add the rural addresses or the emergency dugout water locations and it becomes a dispatching tool for almost any purpose. If you live in Saskatchewan, the roads […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … Province State

Did you know? … PatchMap has teamed up with Province and State Permitting to offer a complete routing product that advises of road restrictions and allows a direct link to applying for a permit if that is required. This is available through two different computer versions of PatchMap and  your vehicle tracking company too ! […]