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A Little Research Doesn’t Hurt

In the regular course of talking to people …  and trying to solve their problems, problems that are closer to my expertise than theirs … often means that I play around with some of the equipment that we occasionally sell but that aren’t part of our normal product lines. When I do this, the information […]

1 April 2015
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“Plans of Mice and Men”

As a field surveyor I was often sent to do the oddball work as (I suppose) I could engineer the job right in the field if required. One such incident found me on location ostensibly to position piles for a small compressor on a wellsite. When the consultant arrived he had no plan layout of […]

Down turns aren’t all bad

The Advantages of a Down-turn We’d be foolish to think that when the wind goes out of the sails for our main industry, that we don’t get a bit jumpy … but it’s also an opportunity that we have seen before. When the belt tightens in the oil & gas industry there’s a sudden interest […]

2 February 2015
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Teaming Up With Backroads

SkyBase Solutions has teamed up with Backroad GPS Maps to bring you the most complete recreational GPS map on the market! If you are looking for our tried and trusted map data for hunting, fishing, hiking etc. previously sold as SkyBase Solutions BushMap Hunting Maps for your Garmin GPS they can now be found in […]

MapBuddy PatchMap vs MapBuddy Dispatch

SkyBase has recently developed a new program, MapBuddy. This highly detailed PC mapping system comes with options for tons of great add-ons and extensions to help our users with their unique mapping needs. This article will help shed some light on the key differences between two of our most popular extensions. MapBuddy PatchMap | An […]

22 May 2014
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SPOT Makes 3000 Rescue

Did you know… Marking its 3,000th Rescue, SPOT Satellite Devices Have Proven to be Essential Life-Saving Technology for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Adventurers Recent Canadian SPOT rescue involves a young hiker who was rescued from Kananaskis, Alberta after suffering a broken ankle Mississauga, ON , May 07 2014– SPOT LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., (NYSE MKT: […]

Kenwood Series | Compatible with PatchMap SD

Good News folks, Kenwood offers 4 different GPS options in their navigational lineup. Each of these GPS units offer different features, the best one being that they are all compatible with PatchMap SD. This means you no longer need 2 devices to get to where you are going in the Patch. Kenwood’s in dash systems […]

What We Do — The Answer for the PROs (A 2-Part Article)

What We Do …Two Answers: One for the PRO one for JOE  PART 1: The Answer for the PROs:                                                                          […]

31 March 2014
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What We Do — The Answer for the JOEs

What We Do — The Answer for the JOEs:                                                                              (just tell me why spending this money makes […]

Garmin Montana 650 Review

Garmin Montana 650 The Garmin Montana 650 Handheld GPS unit is the best selling handheld unit on our shelves. It has long been a favourite among sledders, contractors and boaters alike. Want to know more? Check out the specs on this great unit from Garmin. Who is it for? Take it hiking. Take it hunting. […]

15 January 2014
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Introducing MapBuddy | Free and Advanced Mapping Tool

It has been a busy winter at SkyBase Solutions. In addition to keeping up with current products our development team has managed to yet again come up with a stellar new product. Not so long ago we introduced a new free program, GPSbuddy. This tool was a great freebie add on to our line up. […]

inReach | For EVERY Adventure

From sunrise to sunset, DeLorme inReach SE was made for your adventure — whether you love to hike, camp, boat, hunt, fish, sail, fly, climb, travel, motorcycle, mountain bike, ski, snowmobile, ATV, trail ride, or paddle. inReach SE satellite communicator with GPS sends AND receives messages anywhere on earth with 100% global coverage from the […]

28 November 2013
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Back-country Skiing with inReach

Ski Smart. Ski Safe with inReach Christmas is just around the corner and ski season is in full swing here in Alberta. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the skier on your list, look no further. inReach is new on the market and is leading the way as the #1 Safety and […]

Navigating with the Rino 650

A Look at the Rino 650 from Garmin As one of Alberta’s leaders in navigation systems, our clients often look to us for answers regarding the type of GPS that will work best for them. Over the past few years, one unit we have seen work exceptionally well is the Garmin Rino 650. This handheld […]

20 October 2013
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FieldView 360° Images for Realtors

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we also know time is money. So for a Realtor in a busy market what is the value of a time saving 360 Degree virtual tour? Imagine eliminating long winded descriptive emails, reducing your showing time and engaging your audience with hands on virtual tours! […]

inReach – A Must Have for Snowmobile Season

Well folks, its October 2, and Grande Prairie had our first dusting of snow early this morning. For most of us this seems a little depressing. That being said I am sure the snowmobile enthusiasts out there are just chomping at the bit to hit the trails. Before winter truly hits (which may only be […]

30 August 2013
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Introducing the nüvi 2757LM Garmin GPS with 7″ touchscreen.

We thought it was time to spice up our lineup and find a new low cost option for those of you who are looking for / needing,  a bigger screen. Whether it be poor eye-sight or big fingers, this device is a great tool for the road. The nüvi 2757LM has a bright 7.0″ display […]

Efficiency – What is it exactly? (Find me a Visionary)

How would you describe efficiency?  After listening and learning about all the ways different size companies operate it would seem that there is more than one definition of efficiency. Perhaps a better way to understand it, is there’s a sliding scale of what a particular size company would consider to be efficient; ** a very […]

That’s More than 3 Times the Distance Around the Equator !

Rob Coutts: Instigator @ SkyBase Solutions Re PatchMap: We often get asked about how we are different from other products, which, although it is a legitimate question, it’s hard to answer as I often don’t know where to begin. There are so many different ways that we out perform everyone else … so much so, […]

Going Fishin’ with GPSbuddy – (a lesson learned the hard way)

Lisa Elford : Marketing & Social Media Manager @ SkyBase Solutions Heading into the weekend I thought I would take a minute to share a little story. Whether you take something useful from it, or just get a good laugh at my expense I hope you enjoy. I should preface this story by letting you […]