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Time to Update your Oilfield Maps | PatchMap update v.13.7.20

The latest version of PatchMap is now available for download for any of our Garmin GPS PatchMap users. If you are on our mailing list you will receive and email with the details shortly. Due to highly active spam filters many of our clients miss this update email. Keep an eye on our Coffee Shop […]

Off the Grid! | Delorme InReach SE Review

Love To Be Off the Grid! – Delorme inReach SE In this industry a large percentage of our clientele consists of those who can’t wait to get away from it all. We serve everyone from Bush Pilots to Mountain Bikers and everyone in between. The common thread they share is the enjoyment of being off […]

9 July 2013
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Get Real! | SkyBase tool for Realtors in Western Canada

Get Real! | SkyBase tool for Realtors in Western Canada Behind the scenes at SkyBase Solutions there is a think-tank always looking for the next great opportunity/en devour/solution. In the process of developing and testing new ideas we often find alternate uses for our products. A great example of this is AgMap, a navigational tool […]

18 June 2013
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Navigational Mapping and GPS Solutions

SkyBase Solutions was recently featured in a navigation based article in Oil & Gas Product News Magazine. This article outlines a few of our current products as well as upcoming projects. Want to see what’s in the works at SkyBase Solutions? Follow the link below. Oil & Gas Product News | May/June Issue

28 May 2013
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When will PatchMap ‘App-en?

The digital product world changes quickly, so we are always forward thinking.  We are currently developing new applications for Android, including a PatchMap version. This Android version of PatchMap is designed to function both in and out of cell service. We realize that your work more often than not takes you past the service areas […]

“We Pride Ourselves on Doing the Bare Minimum”

Said no company ever! And yet it is very interesting to see and hear so many stories that break down to exactly that. As some of you may know we are spending the next few days at the Peace Region Petroleum Show right here in Grande Prairie. Being new to the company, this was a […]

Issues Finding an LSD with Single Digits?

If you are currently using PatchMap in your Gamin GPS you may have noticed issues when searching for an LSD with single digits. For example 4-1-47-10 W5. If you are using a Garmin Nuvi with the older search function – (Where To – Near – A Different City – Points of Interest ) Here is a simple […]

7 May 2013
About SkyBase
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Saying Goodbye – Dave Hatton

The team at SkyBase Solutions was deeply saddened by the news of the death of Dave Hatton (Rio Grande AB.) Over the years Dave has become a member of the SkyBase family. He assisted in several key projects, verifying road information, gathering tracks and taking on any challenge we sent his way. Dave made sure […]

PatchMap – Spring Break Up Sale

    In celebration of the great weather, and a little downtime in the oilpatch, SkyBase is having a sale. Spring is here, or better yet perhaps we have skipped spring and gone head first into Alberta Summer! PatchMap GPS maps for the Oilpatch will be sold $100.00 off. The price of PatchMap was lowered by […]

Important Step When Updating Your Garmin GPS

When using your Garmin GPS you may receive a notification that it is time to update your maps. This message comes directly from Garmin and is not in reference to your PatchMap, BushMap or AgMap card from SkyBase Solutions. This map update is for the city maps (city navigator) that comes as the base map in your […]

16 April 2013
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Spring Break Up – Break Ins Common

A great article from the “Daily Brew” is a great reminder to keep your personal items under lock and key especially during Spring Break Up. Every year we have numerous SkyBase customers come to us to replace stolen GPS units. As if losing the GPS unit isn’t bad enough, think of all the tracks, waypoints […]

28 March 2013
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Kakwa Sled Trails in BushMap

As with all of our products, we listen to our customers…find where there is a need and do our best to create a solution. A majority of our BushMap users are members of the Alberta Snowmobile Association. As an added bonus for our local sledders,  we have routed out all of the Kakwa sled trails inside […]

15 March 2013
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PatchMap vs BushMap

We are often asked the difference between PatchMap and our BushMap program. BushMap is designed more for those looking for recreational maps. They include the same detailed road data that was built for PatchMap. PatchMap covers Saskatchewan, Alberta and North East BC. BushMap covers Alberta and North East BC PatchMap includes wellsite information that allows […]

14 March 2013
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PatchMap Updates

One of our most frequently asked questions is in regards to our updates. Customers are wanting to know how often a PatchMap update happens, how do they complete the update, is there a cost to update PatchMap? We are also asked what areas are updated, and how a customer should know when they need to update. How […]

What GPS will work with PatchMap

Like many areas of technology, Garmin is continuously updating their hardware and the functionality of the GPS. As such, there are certain models of the GPS that will work a little differently than others. If you are buying a new GPS and need to know if it will be compatible with your PatchMap Card, here […]

14 March 2013
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Get Social with InReach

In this video, we look at the social media messaging options with the Delorme inReach for smartphone. Here we use an iOS device and the earthmate app. We can just as easy use the Android version. How To… In the messages section of the app, you should see 3 default message threads: facebook, twitter & […]

GPS Set Up – For PatchMap

This posting is designed for new Garmin GPS users. If you have purchased PatchMap you will need to take a few simple steps to set up your GPS. Insert your PatchMap SD or MicroSD card into the device From your main screen – Tools – Settings – Map – Map Info – Select the 2 […]

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