Get Real! | SkyBase tool for Realtors in Western Canada

9 July 2013
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Get Real! | SkyBase tool for Realtors in Western Canada

Behind the scenes at SkyBase Solutions there is a think-tank always looking for the next great opportunity/en devour/solution. In the process of developing and testing new ideas we often find alternate uses for our products. A great example of this is AgMap, a navigational tool obviously intended for the agricultural supply industry. AgMap is the farm finder. But the name and intent aside, AgMap has become an asset in the real estate industry. AgMap simplifies the identification of farm properties for realtors across Western Canada. With no restrictions on using the resulting imagery in any of your (realtor’s) documentation, along with the default size and shape of the open program so that other’s copyright and terms of use are also respected, this tool is a must have for property realtor’s sale setup. Here is a snapshot of the results of a particular search.

AgMap clearly outlines the quarter section and identifies the neighboring quarter is too. Take a peek!

AgMap PC outlines Quarter Sections in Western Canada

AgMap PC Farm Finder for Western Canada

The specifics: What Does it Do?

This program, AgMap PC, searches, finds and paints a boundary around any quarter section in the Township System of Canada. In addition, the location can be sent to any Garmin GPS so that the realtor can easily drive to the property. Multiple land locations can be found and all painted in for combined efficiency on more complicated properties. If paper maps are used for back-up, The program even identifies which County or MD map to pull out. Have (one of) your rural property sellers try it out. SkyBase offers a free trial period and free lifetime updates post purchase.

Want to know a bit more? Will AgMap work for you? If there are any questions, please call Rob @ 780-518-2666. While you’re here visit the AgMap page where more info on this particular tool can be found: There are two versions of AgMap – PC and SD. PC is the computer product as pictured above. The SD version is a great tool that is compatible with any Garmin GPS.

Don’t struggle, have to check twice or worry about getting the wrong property, AgMap PC is always correct!

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