How To Update PatchMap SD


As with all technology, PatchMap is always improving and changing the way it operates to serve you better. The development team at SkyBase recently made a breakthrough with Garmin and now has more capabilities than ever before.

For PatchMap versions older than V14.5.20 (that’s, your PatchMap SD card will have to be exchanged so you will not be able to download the update from our website. Updates to these new cards are now available through our updating software below. From this version forward, there’s a much easier, 1-Step Search Function!

There are three ways to do this efficiently:

1) Stop by the store and we swap cards

2) Send the SD card along with this filled out form.

3) Download the Skybase Product Updater. You can now update or register using the Product Updater.

Now if you really cannot live without your PatchMap SD card … we have another way to do this so call us at 780-814-2130 or toll free at 1-87-PATCHMAP  ( 1-877-282-4627) or email

One of our sales reps will walk you through the process to getting you the new and improved PatchMap.

PatchMap is updated monthly. Clients are notified when updates are available via email and social media.

Updates are not required for continual operation but once you are having troubles locating a wellsite or two, it’s time to update (LSDs can always be located). We recommend updating your SD card a minimum of twice per year.

The advisory e-mail will include a download link to the SkyBase Product Updater.

Purchase the update below then call us (SkyBase 780-814-2130 or on the weekend, call Rob 780-518-2666) and we will activate your download.

If you have purchased our yearly subscription to the updates, follow the same procedure, call and remind us that you are on a subscription … we can tell you if your subscription is still active.


Updates are being created every month … Now available … V17.8.20

If you are downloading the update … buy it here: Update cost is $95.00


 Here are the help pages for the Skybase Product Updater

Main Updater Help Page
Garmin Device Issues
PatchMap Download Times Info