PatchMap API is built to allow developers to access our datasets and routing tools for use inside their own web capable tools.


This is an appropriate tool for those who want to leverage their own proprietary datasets; to be displayed in combination with the PatchMap datasets and/or leverage PatchMap search, roads and routing tools.


This API allows you to create your own web based program but leverage all the oil & gas industry background datasets. We keep the PatchMap datasets current and you only have to worry about connecting and manipulating your own data. It's like getting most of the map built for you ... not just an empty shell as you'd get from anyone else.

Compatible Systems

As this is accessed via the web and you'll need to use another API for the main map; Google, Bing, Open Street Map, Leaflet, Open Layers will all accept the PatchMap overlay. We will help you choose based on you needs.

Price Tag

This is like asking 'how long is this ball of string' but we are committed to making this affordable. It starts with a call ...

Here is the current layman’s document explaining what the SkyBase API V3 can do for you. Should this make sense for the application that you’d like to build or enhance the one you already have, please get in touch and we can discuss your situation.


We are presently looking at creating an easier way to leverage PatchMap … eg. as a company activity map …  if you aren’t interested in creating an application but simply displaying your own pertinent information on PatchMap (rather than a map without Oil & Gas info) whether it’s for your own use, company wide internal use or for display on your website, we need to know.

If this sounds like what you have been looking for … call us (Rob 780-518-2666) so we can make sure that what you want is what we build.