PatchMap AVL maps for the OilPatch


PatchMap AVL contains the most comprehensive set of continually updated oilfield roads in existence ... anywhere. ** PatchMap AVL allows Automated Vehicle Location companies display PatchMap as an overlay on their background Google or BING map and to access the best oil & gas road information through a WFS (web feature service). ** More features exclusive to PatchMap are radio frequencies on the roads with kilometer posts along the way. Speed information is also a road attribute. Winter access is visibly different from all-weather access. Our dedication shines in the details. Down the road (pun intended), road use restrictions will be automatically visible by using this system. Get on board now and be on the winning team from the start !


PatchMap AVL in the WMTS (Tile Map Service) format can be used as a map overlay on either Google, Bing or Mapbox Maps. If the visual map is not used or perhaps important, the WFS calls can facilitate access to most of the key components of the PatchMap dataset. e.g. Anyone using PatchMap DisPatch for logistics and dispatching will be looking at exactly the same map as it leverages the tile service in the same way as the AVL will. This gives everyone comfort that they are using the same information to make decisions. Road Ban & a direct line to Permitting is available for a small premium.


PatchMap AVL contains both WMTS and WFS services. Use whatever parts of these services that you like. Everything from full map overlays to web calls requesting LSD names at a particular location. If you want road speeds ... 170,000 km of roads no one else has ... road radio frequencies ... load height restrictions. Want something unique, we can do that too. eg. Road Ban & a direct line to Permitting is now available.

Compatible Systems

This is a WMTS and WFS tooling, so many devices could be used to communicate with the PatchMap AVL Server. The Tiles are formatted in such a way that they are compatible with Google, Bing and Mapbox (and anything else you might be using) Maps. Call if you need specific information or would like to have a test run on your system. We have squeezed this down to a few lines of code and you're up and running.

Price Tag

Please contact us directly for pricing information.


Updates to the base files will be done by SkyBase; on our schedule or by special request. Our system already includes very easy sharing; from the field to our server right from a Garmin GPS. Ask about how we can help you to help yourself. The beauty of this system is the speed that we can take field information and make it available to everyone using our web based tools. As an example, our PatchMap DisPatch Extension for MapBuddy to leverage these tiles and updated road routing information automatically.

If you are an AVL company, here is the document explaining the SkyBase API V3 benefits.


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If you are an AVL company, here is the document explaining the SkyBase API V3 benefits.