PatchMap - Spring Break Up Sale


PatchMap Oilfield Maps on Sale


In celebration of the great weather, and a little downtime in the oilpatch, SkyBase is having a sale. Spring is here, or better yet perhaps we have skipped spring and gone head first into Alberta Summer! PatchMap GPS maps for the Oilpatch will be sold $100.00 off. The price of PatchMap was lowered by $100.00 in January of 2013. Now the Spring break-up sale is offering additional savings. For $395.00 you can have the #1 Oilfield Maps available. Search by LSD, route to any wellsite, plantsite, facility or compressorsite in Western Canada. Our map program covers all of Saskatchewan, Alberta and NE British Columbia.

What sets PatchMap apart? Yes we know there are other oilfield map programs on the market. We speak to oilfield workers who have used other programs in the past and were not happy with the results. PatchMap aims to be the best. Our experience in the field allows us to know what is needed and make it happen. With PatchMap find oilfield wellsites by bottomhole ERCB well name and route to the SURFACE location. PatchMap takes you to the wellhead because that’s where you need to go. Learn oil field well information – operator name, license date, current operator, drill path, and strike zone. Our BC data even includes cancelled locations. More features exclusive to PatchMap only. See radio frequencies and kilometer posts. You’ll only get these details with PatchMap. Separate winter access from all-weather access. The Other Guys don’t worry about these details. We Do! All you need is an LSD and you’re ready to route.

The Spring Break-Up sale ends on Friday. Take advantage of this one time pricing. PatchMap can be purchased in store and online.

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