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PatchMap from SkyBase Solutions Oilfield Maps


PatchMap is the Most Complete Set of Garmin GPS Oilfield Locations and Road Information Available. Not only will this program search for LSDs, PatchMap will also search Operator Name or type of Facility (Wellsite, Compressorsite, Plantsite). PatchMap is the only software searchable this way. We know how important having all the roads are, so we do, to the tune of 165,000 km more than any other product out there. That's why PatchMap is so popular. Find an LSD quickly with the help of PatchMap. PATCHMAP WORKS IN ALL GARMIN GPS UNITS, including the new 'Drive' line-up ... the previous issue was been overcome.


PatchMap is the perfect tool for anyone navigating with a Garmin GPS in the Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta or BC Oilfield. Search for LSD or PNG, get the route. It's that easy.


With PatchMap find oilfield wellsites by bottomhole AER (ERCB) well name and route to the SURFACE location. PatchMap takes you to the wellhead because that’s where you need to go. Learn oil field well information – operator name, license date, current operator, drill path, and strike zone. Our BC data includes both LSD and PNG searchs (BC wells are all named by surface location). More features exclusive to PatchMap only: radio frequencies and kilometer posts. You’ll only get these details with PatchMap. Separate winter access from all-weather access. The Other Guys don’t worry about these details. We Do! All you need is an LSD and you're ready to route.

Compatible Devices

As PatchMap is developed with Garmin's Third Party Map Creator Tool, PatchMap is compatible with any Garmin GPS unit. Due to the continuous change in Garmin hardware and firmware, we cannot guarantee each unit will function in the exact same manner. Please contact us directly if you have questions regarding your Garmin purchase.


PatchMap is updated monthly. Clients are notified when updates are available via email and social media. Update cost is $95.00. Updates are not required for continual operation but once you are having troubles locating a wellsite or two, it's time to update (LSDs can always be located). We recommend updating your SD card a minimum of twice per year. The advisory e-mail will include a download link. Buy the update from this webpage then call us and we will activate your download via our server. If you have purchased our yearly subscription to the updates, follow the same procedure ... we know when your subscription is active. ** Should you purchase a copy of PatchMap SD from a reseller, it likely isn't the latest version so you should contact us so we can update to the most current version.

Price Tag

$495.00 This includes a PatchMap SD card for Garmin GPS, Free MapBuddy now has ability to search for both LSDs and actual Wellsites !

Factory Vehicle Nav Systems

SkyBase would like to be able to enhance the OEM maps but it is just not possible. It is possible however to use PatchMap SD cards in the Kenwood replacement units.

PatchMap Wellsite Facility Compressorsite Oilfield LSD Search+

Find Facility, Wellsite, Compressorsite and Battery (not just the center of an LSD)

PatchMap LSD search on Garmin GPS+

Directional Drill Lines (Yellow) Another PatchMap Exclusive

Pipeline Right of Ways in PatchMap+

Pipeline Right of Ways

Winter Grade Roads in PatchMap Oilfield Maps+

Winter/No Grade Roads - Know before you get there!

PatchMap SD for Garmin GPS $495.00

Now covering 4 Provinces – Works with a Garmin “Drive” GPS units just fine (V16.6.15 and newer)

PatchMap SD Update $95.00

As of the update V14.5.20, the SD cards need to be exchanged.
Check out the “How to update PatchMap SD” tab under PatchMap in the top bar.
Please don’t use this payment method if your PatchMap SD is prior to V14.5.5.  
instead you will have to exchange your card: see form
found here.

Latest Version is V17.3.18


All physical products will be shipped within 1-3 business days