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Road Hazards & Permitting


In Cooperation with Province & State Permitting Inc., one of the premier permitting companies in western Canada, SkyBase has created an Extension to MapBuddy that allows the visualization of Road Ban and Hazard Information along with instant access to Road Permit Applications.


Road Bans and Hazards can get a company into big trouble fast. This combination of SkyBase's routing tools and Province State's road ban & permitting system creates a one stop shop to stay out of trouble.


When the Road & Bridge Restriction layer is turned on, not only is it visible but all the pertinent information is a click away ... including a link straight to the Permitting Application should you need to get one.

Compatible Devices

This is available as an extension to PatchMap-MapBuddy *** as a layer in PatchMap-Web *** even as a layer available through your tracking system.


As with all SkyBase software deployments, if you have the program open ... it's the latest and greatest; no updates to worry about ! Let us know if there is something that you'd like to see changed or added.

Price Tag

The Province State Extension for MapBuddy is an annual subscription of $185.00 ** Note: This is a further enhancement to the MapBuddy - DisPatch Extension so you must have both.

Road Bans and Bridges


Restriction Info Display


Route over Bridge & through Restriction


Cheaper (No Ticket) Route

Having the fastest route is one thing but if there’s a bridge in repair a fast route just become a long, slow route. Here’s one of the best solutions available: the MapBuddy – Province State Extension.

In MapBuddy, this Extension is only available when used in conjunction with the PatchMap-MapBuddy Extension.

This can be added to PatchMap-Web at a flick of a switch.

Talk to your Tracking company, they may have it available already.


MapBuddy – Province State Extension or Web Add-on

Annual subscription is presently available at no cost.


All online orders may take up to 48hrs to process (weekends).

Digital codes (if required) will be provided via email.
All physical products will be shipped within 1-3 business days.