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17 March 2016
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We decided to put up a booth at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) trade show this year for the first time. It turned out to be one of the better shows that we have attended!


Going in we did a bit of homework and found out that there are 296 RMs in Sask and that the average population is a mere 590 … so that’s 190-250 families to pay for all kinds of infrastructure, much of which is nowhere close to cheap! Many in our type of business likely stay away exactly for this reason but we see this as an opportunity to assist an entire province of RMs to ‘get on the same page’ and there is no competitive or peer pressure to get an ‘overkill’ system as there’s no money to do that anyway. On top of this I had previously committed to selling our $995 software to each RM at $1 per resident … even if they only have 73 people as Glen Mcpherson RM does. We want everyone to have the same map at their disposal.

SkyBase has always been a field efficiency oriented company so we are perfectly tuned to helping the Sask RMs do a bunch with almost nothing. We are already aligned with a road ban permitting company that we know can save you (RMs) a lot of time and grief as well as make you a few bucks at the same time.


For example, the Rural Addressing deadline is fast approaching and SkyBase has not only the ability to create the addresses starting with something as simple as a spreadsheet of the quarters with residences on them, but would complete the job of what the addressing is supposed to enable: Efficient and Accurate Emergency Responses.

While at the booth I heard more than once that the cost of putting up the signage was estimated to be $1000/sign … “and I’ll likely have my heart attack over here (pointing at our map) on the other side of the river … how does that $1000 sign help me?”

Well, we have answers for not just both of those questions but a couple that no one thinks about, until after it happens, that is … and we have all the tools: We already have a complete road map of our own design which we can change at the drop of a hat so we would make sure everything that’s in it is 100% correct and that private driveways (that we would draw in) are connected properly with main roads and every quarter is both named and searchable.

Ambulance vehicles would drive straight up to your house (sign or no sign) or onto the field at the correct approach just like they are supposed to be able to do but cannot do now … and the signs are so your relatives don’t drive right on past while pointing across the valley ’cause you took down that old poplar tree that was threatening the power line.

The fire department knows where all the dugouts are, how far away and how to get there; the RCMP can assess possible fugitive escape routes and know that they are looking at the correct land location; all these practical things come from embracing the correct tooling for the job … not the most cumbersome and pricey, just for bragging rights!

Our tools are built for the end user, not the pencil (well, mouse these days) pusher!

By the way, at the SARM tradeshow booth we had a draw for a Garmin nuvi 66 with our AgMap card in it and once we charged up the battery properly and brought all the Garmin firmware and software up to date, we shipped it off to the winner of the draw: Larry Grant from the RM of Lajord … Happy Trails!

Please call if there are questions.


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