Send Us A Lead - Be a Leader

Want to make some extra cash on the side?

The SkyBase Sales team is always busy looking for new leads and we are reasonably generous .
  •  As a small privately owned company we can always use additional support in this department.
  •  We have advertised many ways but word of mouth and personal demonstrations have by far the best traction.
  •  People trust others who aren’t so much selling them something, but showing them the possibilities.
  •  We encourage our ‘Leaders’ to demonstrate the ease that a project can be put together
             •  complete with e-mailing them (the potential client) the results of a recent scenario that they struggled with
  •  This usually elicits a request for a software trial right on the spot.
We are happy to offer a client referral program in the form of a 15% finders fee.

  •  As a ‘Leader’ you’ll be a the intermediary between the creators and the end users; a fairly unique position that can affect the progression of SkyBase software development and ensure a loyal customer base. There are no third party influences with their own agenda; this opportunity doesn’t come along all that often. It is entirely your call as to how seriously and completely you take this challenge.

  •  Do you know a company that would benefit from a particular SkyBase Software ?
  •  Everyone in the oil & gas industry can use PatchMap:
             •  job bidders & dispatchers
             •  project managers
             •  safety hands creating ERPs
             •  anyone supplying Emergency services of any kind
             •  workers just trying to ‘Get There’
             •  those confirming ‘chain of custody’ of dangerous or waste materials
             •  those interested in ‘journey management’
             •  those interested in ‘everyone being on the same page’ no matter the project
             •  even governing bodies (like OGC, AER and DFO) personnel use PatchMap in GPS units
  •  Are you currently the only employee in your company using PatchMap and think everyone should be ?
  •  Do you golf or curl with any company shakers and movers ?
  •  Since our system can be leveraged even by Municipal Districts, maybe you know the right people to talk to (Fire Chiefs) ?
  •  Anyone servicing the Agriculture areas or industry:
             •  RCMP, Fire and EMS services
             •  mechanics and tire repair
             •  crop inspectors
             •  real estate
             •  auctioneers
We will show you all the possibilities and you may find ones we hadn’t thought of


It’s easy … just call Rob at 1-780-518-2666 (or e-mail: so he can set you up as a ‘Leader’.

We will give you access to our software at no cost (already you’re ahead of the game):

  1. you show others how easy it is to become more efficient by demonstrating our software in person (or on-line … you could be immobile)
  2. contact us so we can document the connection between you and an interested party and (in some cases) activate the interested party’s trial period
  3. should they buy, your name will be on the introduction … and we thank you with cash
  4. we handle all the house keeping and technical support
  5. If the sale is for multiples, you get a piece of the entire sale

BUT first we need to know who you are, so register as a ‘Leader’ with Rob right away !

Remember our motto: “First you need to get there! … use PatchMap … or GET LOST”

* Offer valid on sales made directly through SkyBase Solutions and for SkyBase Solutions Products only. Re-Seller locations do not apply.
 Offer not valid on Garmin products or accessories.