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Going Fishin’ with GPSbuddy – (a lesson learned the hard way)

Lisa Elford : Marketing & Social Media Manager @ SkyBase Solutions Heading into the weekend I thought I would take a minute to share a little story. Whether you take something useful from it, or just get a good laugh at my expense I hope you enjoy. I should preface this story by letting you […]

14 March 2013
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PatchMap Updates

One of our most frequently asked questions is in regards to our updates. Customers are wanting to know how often a PatchMap update happens, how do they complete the update, is there a cost to update PatchMap? We are also asked what areas are updated, and how a customer should know when they need to update. How […]

What GPS will work with PatchMap

Like many areas of technology, Garmin is continuously updating their hardware and the functionality of the GPS. As such, there are certain models of the GPS that will work a little differently than others. If you are buying a new GPS and need to know if it will be compatible with your PatchMap Card, here […]