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Active Wellsite Drilling Rig activity is tracked by AER in Alberta ... we created a tool that automatically adds and subtracts the wellsites as they are drilled. Each of these locations are then attached to the licencing of the well and that is one click away as well.


Active Wellsite locations are needed for many service companies to both solicit their wares and to simply get there. Add the ability to route to them instantly with PatchMap and you have a winning combination.


All wells that have communicated with AER in last 30 days (blue) and last 60 days (grey). Each well has a link to the wellsite application information. Turn this layer and the Rig Labels on and off as you need it.


Updates to this file are done each day on an automated basis.

Price Tag

Presently Free !!

In MapBuddy, this Extension is only available when used in conjunction with the PatchMap-Web.

This can be added to PatchMap-Web at a flick of a switch.

Talk to your Tracking company, they may have it available already.

MapBuddy – Active Wellsites or Web Add-on

Annual subscription is presently available at no cost.



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