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19 November 2015
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So … we were creating our latest computer product, PatchMap-Web and were trying to figure out how to give a smartphone user a way to be shared the route that was created by someone at the office … and we came up with a method that we now call ActiveMap.

Here’s how it works:

  •   **  a route is created between a couple locations in PatchMap-Web
  •   **  the creator decides to e-mail it to … say, a driver
  •   **  it is automatically saved, and the creator decides to send both the turn directions and the map
  •   **  DING … the driver receives an email indicating that it’s coming from PatchMap
    •   **  with the text being the turn directions
    •   **  a note in red giving him important secondary information
    •   **  a link that opens the area of PatchMap-Web that contains the entire route
  •   **  now the driver can zoom in, scratch around and turn a ‘center on me’ button on and off


emailNote3Note3-2Note3-2Slick as that! The map link stays active for a few days  … long enough to get the job done, then disappears.

BTW: All of these photo links expand if you click on them as they aren’t very readable at this scale.

So this is good for many things: route changes while on the road, sending ERP information to a driver, sending new details that might have changed the preferred or mandatory route (road use agreements), ability of the driver to identify where they are in an emergency, just plain situational awareness for the driver … if you won’t give him a GPS with PatchMap in it, this at least provides him with some safety net … there’s no downside.


3 responses on “ActiveMap – I Like It

  1. Grant Webber says:

    Looks good. Does this app allow me to make the route completely on my smartphone, then email it out? I send out s lot of directions to new leases as well as other locations that are not part of Patchmap’s query-able database.

  2. Rob Coutts says:

    Hi Grant, the answer is yes it is possible but as the screen of your phone has less real estate than a PC or tablet, it’s not as easy to do … and what places are not queryable in PatchMap?

  3. […] the road use agreement … it automatically sends the turn by turns but also can send an ‘ActiveMap‘ allowing a smartphone to open a fully zoomable subset of our webmap … the […]

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