AddMyMap - Custom Maps Garmin GPS | SHP Files | Seismic Industry Maps


AddMyMap is the software solution for any Garmin GPS user who wants to add their own waypoints and tracks as a (semi) permanent layer to the map in their GPS. Even for those who don't know where to start. AddMyMap is everything you need to change SHP files into a Garmin map with just a few easy clicks. Very complicated maps have been built with this tool for seismic and forestry applications ... the field staff love it !


SkyBase Solutions designed AddMyMap with the seismic industry in mind, but this practical tool can be used by anybody for just about anything. *Pine Beetle Counters, *GIS Departments, *Government Agencies, *Law Enforcement, *SAR Organizations, *Environmental Agencies. **The maps can be built in a few minutes and deployed remotely via a unique program creator built right in.


Build a custom map in minutes. *Build fully compliant MapSource and BaseCamp maps. *Download into any Garmin GPS. *Lay the new data on top of your existing maps. *Add custom proprietary information into your existing maps.

Compatible Devices

AddMyMap is a PC based program that builds a MapSource & BaseCamp compatible map that can transfer to a Garmin GPS. *There are also facilities to create an executable that remotely loads the map directly to the Garmin GPS units.

Price Tag

$250.00 buys an activation code for full version. *The Trial Version is a free download. *This is a one time purchase.


No updates necessary. This program, with an available internet connection, will keep itself current. Any enhancements, changes or additions will automatically be downloaded and applied.


AddMyMap is a simple download, no hardware necessary. Download the trial version, purchase the full version below and we will provide you with an activation code via email. Minimal wait time and you will be ready to start building your own Garmin Maps.

All online orders may take up to 48hrs to process. Digital codes will be provided via email.
All physical products will be shipped within 3-5 business days.