SkyBase Solutions


SkyBase Solutions has over the course of 10 years developed  several map companion products that are unlike any other and they are designed with the field and field support teams in mind.


Software solutions range from 360° Image Collection & Remote Visualization, Fire Hot Spot Detection Documentation, Boreal Laser Gas Detection Visualization & Report Building Tool and Custom Garmin GPS Flight-path maps to Snap-and-Stamp software for Visualizing and discretely Sharing geo-referenced images; from a phone, camera, GPS or our UC360 system. We also specialize in custom area paper wall and folded maps for work projects.


If you have a GIS need, uncover what we can do for you ... you might be surprised what the little guys from Grande Prairie have up their sleeve! If we have, or can create the right tools, your increased efficiency can save you countless dollars in wasted time, both in the field and in the office. Others have saved millions in one season ... we can't read your mind (yet) so, communicate !

Advanced Solutions

PatchMap AVL Maps for the Oilpatch from SkyBase Solutions+

Web Tiles & Features for your web applications

360 Degree Images from SkyBase Solutions+

360° Image Collection & Visualization

Boreal Laser on MapBuddy+

MapBuddy - Boreal Laser Extension

MapBuddy, Road Bans+

Road Bans & More via MapBuddy or web service

AddMyMap from SkyBase Solutions+

Import SHP Files - Build your own Garmin GPS maps

FireSpot Hot Spot Detection from SkyBase Solutions+

Hot Spot Detection Visualization and Reporting

Fieldphoto Digital Photo Software from SkyBase Solutions+

Work Your Photos - Coords, Elevation, Date/Time Stamped

HyperMap from SkyBase Solutions+

HyperMap is our GIS for the field worker ... presently resting

There are always a specialty tool or two in the works here at SkyBase Solutions. We specialize in the creation of software and tools made to custom fit the needs of you, the end user. If  you have a need that has yet to be realized, contact us. We are always looking for the next great idea to make your job easier.