AgMap for smartphones has arrived!

8 July 2019
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At one time everyone was thrilled to be able to buy a Garmin GPS and an AgMap SD card and go to work … and it is still the best way to guarantee that everything will work out … BUT … we live and die with a smartphone in our hands these days so a smartphone version was inevitable.

The reason that we hesitated in building for the cellular market was the fact that cellular service was so poor in the rural areas that the majority of users would expect to be able to use the app … then, Google Maps started to enable the ability to grab areas of the map and take them offline. This was what we were waiting for … and recently it’s even better as the app has a pretty good idea that the route has been calculated for you has poor coverage and it actually asks you if you want to download the map for that route.

So … late last week we have AgMap both in the iTunes app store and the Google Play app store … free for a seven day test drive and a yearly subscription after that.

What do you get that Google Maps doesn’t already do for free?

  • Ever try to find a quartersection location? … uh, you have a free tool that does that, and then it shells out to Google Maps for the routing and that gets the job done … or does it?
  • What if you could search for a quartersection (or grab one from a recent search)
    • draw the boundaries of the quarter (auto saved but removable)
    • change the icon for the search … show or not show the name on the map
    • add a comment and save it for future reference …
      • then route there with Google Maps (download some offline maps if Google suggests to)
      • start the route and flip back to AgMap so you can see where you are going on a map that makes sense
      • the voice instructions from Google Maps will continue to direct you to your location
  • sure you can kinda sorta operate without it but really do you want to?
  • just $9.99/year, can’t really go wrong can you?

2 responses on “AgMap for smartphones has arrived!

  1. djmatt says:

    Really? You’re trying to make Professional Land Surveyors out of everyone? The least you could do is remind them that it is illegal for anyone but a Professional, Licensed surveyor to establish property boundaries.

  2. Rob Coutts says:

    Sounds like you survey for a living … this is used to verify that they are soil sampling on the correct quarter, or able to identify where the broken down combine is, or if they are crop inspecting the wrong field … so chill.

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