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AgMap Agricultural Map from SkyBase Solutions

AgMap Overview

Use AgMap to find your way to any farm in Western Canada. AgMap contains all of the quarter sections of surveyed farmland in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and North Eastern British Columbia. Search the legal, find the farm – it’s that easy.

AgMap Uses

AgMap was designed for those at home on the road. Do you pull into a farmer’s driveway as often as your own? Are you a land agent or crop inspector? Maybe you sell crop insurance, or fix farm equipment? Have the paper county maps in your truck seen better days? Are you tired of shelling out thirty to fifty bucks per county, per map? If you answered yes to any of these, AgMap is for you.

AgMap Features

Legals searchable by quarter section. Visible quarter line boundaries. Real-time legal land locations as you drive.

AgMap Compatible Devices

AgMap is an SD card product for Garmin GPS units. AgMap functions in all Garmin GPS units! but some display the map differently than others. If you purchase a Garmin 'Drive', you will need an SD card with Version 8 AgMap.

AgMap Updates

As Quarter Sections are not in the habit of changing or moving, no updates to the dataset is necessary. If Garmin changes something that makes the SD card not function in a new GPS, we will replace the card with one that will work !

AgMap Price Tag

$149.00 This provides for a microSD card and adapter to full SD size so that it will fit any Garmin GPS. No subscription or updates are necessary.

Farm Maps | AgMap for Garmin GPS
Will even work with a Garmin “Drive” GPS unit


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