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Arrow GPS


The right GPS makes your job straightforward and easy. The Arrow lineup is the most adaptable BT (bluetooth) GPS available. If you're in the Oil & Gas, Agriculture or Municipal sectors, we are your source for these fine new tools. Even the Arrow Lite is great for high accuracy GIS ... they get better from there!


Bluetooth GPS frees you from all the cables ... it connects to any device that is useful at the time. The Arrows are known for flying straight and being accurate, just like their namesake. It's the ease of use that will win your approval. Any Arrow will connect via BT to virtually any GIS software ... once you try it, you won't go back!


The Arrow Lite is a GPS receiver. ** the Arrow 100 is a multi positioning system receiver ... that means GPS, Glonass (the Russian version) and three other similar constellations. ** The Arrow 200 which is the RTK (real time) & dual frequency version of the 100. *** And now, the Arrow Gold is just that: RTK GPS with a satellite correction built right into the board! ... and it automatically switches when you loose your cellular correction ... Lots of the 'big boys' would like to have this technology ... but they don't! ... you'll have to get this fantastic GPS here instead!

Compatible Devices

Do you have a Win PC, Mac, iOs or Android program that produces the best results with high accuracy geographic positions? ... well, it's very compatible with those ... have fun!

Price Tag

Please contact us for these details. ... it's all about how many you want and the timing of the purchase (US - Canadian dollar fluctuation).

The Arrow GPS Series come in three flavours. They work similarly (great, of course) but offer different accuracies. Arrow Lite @ 0.5-1m | Arrow 100 @ 0.05m-0.5m | Arrow 200 @ 0.01-0.3m


Free yourself from the bounds that you now have and join the ranks of the “Get ‘er done” crowd. Explore more about the Arrow Series from the designer … and the distributor but like it or not, you’ll buy from us  😉

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And now it’s certified by ESRI for use in the Collector software with complete and proper real-time adherence to local datums … here’s an article in Directions Mag.