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8 July 2019
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AgMap for smartphones has arrived!

At one time everyone was thrilled to be able to buy a Garmin GPS and an AgMap SD card and go to work … and it is still the best way to guarantee that everything will work out … BUT … we live and die with a smartphone in our hands these days so a […]

10 February 2016
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Did you know … Realtors – Wake Up!

Did you know … farm and ranch realtors are always looking for a decent way to display the land descriptions on a map and by far the best one is the (presently) free version of MapBuddy? We’ve all seen everything from sketches on paper to clippings from municipal maps to points on Google Maps or […]

Did you know? … Municipalities need PatchMap

Did you know? … 100% of Municipalities could use PatchMap-Web to advantage?   How about using PatchMap-Web for Roadwork Planning or Fire Protection and Emergency Response… as an example: add the rural addresses or the emergency dugout water locations and it becomes a dispatching tool for almost any purpose. If you live in Saskatchewan, the roads […]