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The Snowflake SALE

Sometimes non defined boundaries … are kind of fun How about a YUGE discount on ALL PatchMap products instead of one at a time … $200 off of: PatchMap PC 2.0 PatchMap DisPatch on MapBuddy PatchMap Web … $100 off of: PatchMap SD for Garmin But it all ends when the FIRST SNOWFLAKE FALLS ! […]

27 August 2017
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Fall is in the Air – Time for a SALE !

The best “Trucker Map” is one that covers Everywhere While we do build paper truck maps, why not have a map that covers the entire oil patch? … and be able to zoom in to see all the details … or search to find literally any location by more ways than you could imagine … […]

14 August 2016
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Hot off the Press … The Card Swap

Well, what do you know … someone actually read this website and discovered that they could trade in an Oiltrax card for something useful … a PatchMap SD card … Happy Trails folks. And here it is pasted on our wall for all to see … We’ll get some sort of frame soon and do it up a […]

20 March 2016
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Trade in … Trade up to PatchMap-GPS

Well, it didn’t take long for someone to read my last post and see that we not only had a new product called PatchMap-Lite … but what he liked most was the offer to Trade up from PatchMap-Lite to PatchMap-GPS should someone find that they needed the big guns. Being obviously quite sharp, he saw a […]

Did you Know? … PatchMap is THE Industry Standard

Did you Know? … The Industry Standard for Field Navigation and Routing Logistics is …. who? If there is one, what are the parts needed to win this title? …    ***   which parts of the industry need to be won over?    ***   head office?  how do they distribute the information?   […]

14 January 2016
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Map Updates & Recent Finds

WTF ?… All my wellsites are gone!   We have heard this before and will hear it again:  “Your update removed all my wellsites, I want my old SD card back!” Even Garmin does not explain this properly … nor are there any videos to Google that explain this maddening bump. Unfortunately, even the old SD card […]

12 December 2015
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Did You Know ? … All Ways are Uphill

(click the photo) In early February 2005 Google Maps announced it’s existence … derived from a combination of the companies, Where 2 Technologies and Keyhole (with controversial investment from the CIA) along which a spin-off derived from Earth Viewer, now called Google Earth. A few months later in June 2005, their first Google Maps API appeared and […]

29 November 2015
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Did you know … PatchMap in GeoTrac GPS

Did you know? … PatchMap SD cards work in GEOTrac GPS systems ? You bet, just because your company has chosen the GEOTrac Vehicle Location System does not mean that you have to suffer their maps in the Garmin GPS units! Many of our customers are tired of the misplaced locations and the directions that leave them […]

Did you know? … New each Month

Did you know? … Once each month PatchMap is reprocessed and updated? That is so you have the most complete dataset at your fingertips whenever you have to head to the field … no more waiting months for updates ! Keeping current is no small investment … and doing that right means automation … PatchMap […]

Did you know? … Outperforms all Apps

Did you know? … PatchMap out performs 100% of all other apps built for the Canadian oil & gas regions. All the other apps shell (whimp) out to Google Maps for their routing … in this business, routing is the real test for whether you’re a man or a boy … PatchMap routes on it’s […]

Did you know? … Safety Hands

Did you know? … only 20% of company safety hands have even heard of PatchMap … a world class tool for correct information for their Emergency Response Plans among many other things. If there’s one tool that is underutilized in the O&G safety world, it’s PatchMap. Every single safety hand should have a GPS version […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … Rig Chasers

Did you know? … 70% of the sales reps that are chasing the rigs, when they finally get to the location are heard to say “and there it is … GONE!” (well, mostly it’s more colorful than that) … so they pull out a map to figure where they’re off to next. They know that […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … Hotshot Companies

Did you know? … only about 5% of all the oil & gas Hotshot companies have embraced PatchMap? Out of all the service companies that need PatchMap,  Hotshot companies are on top of the list …  and for some reason they have resisted the most … to the death in a few cases. Their reasoning : […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … Branch Offices

Did you know? … 90% of oil and gas service company branch offices don’t have the correct tools to prove efficiencies? .. and are actually paid not to innovate or be efficient? … if they kept expenditures down, they get a bonus. Managers think nothing of stroking a pen for thousands of dollars of tires […]

Did you know? … First Aid Vehicles

Did you know? … that less than 1% of the First Aid Vehicles working in the oil and gas industry use PatchMap? (we would know) … this is one of my pet peeves.   Most First Aid Companies working in the field for oil & gas operations supply one qualified person per vehicle to contain […]

29 October 2015
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Did you know? … Service Companies

Did you know? … 60% of service companies overcharge on their mileage? Why do they do that? … because they can … it’s difficult to call them on it … and it might be your fault … (I’m pissing in my own pond here). But not anymore … PatchMap-Web is here. Verify distances  … and […]

What … PatchMap has Competition?

Competition ? … if you actually look, there is none ! We often get asked what sets our PatchMap software apart from the three or four other products that claim to do, what we actually do. Well, there are many things that differentiate PatchMap but it might depend on what it is that you are […]

World Traveler – Not

A few observations from a short trip abroad: It’s been a few decades since I’ve travelled outside the comfort zone of North America. I had never been to Europe for a stay beyond overnight so on my recent trip to Germany I expected an experience similar to North America but more worldly or refined … […]

Grande Prairie Sports Expo

As we have for many years, we had a booth at the Grande Prairie Sports Expo April 10-12. We normally don’t intend to sell anything at these events, we did sell a couple of things this year and reinforced a few contacts that have strayed to new employment (it’s hard to keep track isn’t it?) […]

(Your) Smooth Running Machine

  The world is a big piece of equipment and we, at any particular moment are a tiny cog in a single wheel, buried deep inside that machine.  Traditionally, equipment runs smoother with the correct amount of grease to reduce the friction … an unseen force that perennially causes machinery to grind to a halt […]