Confused ... Which Version of PatchMap ? MapBuddy or Web or PC 2.0 ?


PatchMap-MapBuddy (we’re removing DisPatch) is a PC program running under the user control (to alleviate IT participation).

Think of this program as the work’n man’s GIS system … as it has many GIS overlays and Garmin communication related capabilities
Web connected to database … all program functions are done local (on your PC) except for those accessing server databases
Retains created information … waypoints, routes etc. locally in a file format that, if shared would be (typically) emailed and opened at the other end by another PatchMap-MapBuddy program (could be the free version)
Program is locked to one PC but can easily be moved to another by user (no IT or SkyBase involvement needed)



Is OS (operating system) agnostic … i.e.  Windows / Mac / iOS / Android / smartphones (but screen is too small to function properly)
Requires an internet connection to log-in to a dedicated website; what you can access is controlled by your log-in rights
Is directed more precisely to job bidding, dispatching and ERP (emergency response plan) requirements
User created information is shared somewhat more easily … a route could be calculated on an iPad at home and it would automatically be available at the office on a PC … no e-mailing a file … satellite maps sharing with other  PatchMap-Web users is just as easy.
Only one log-in at a time … but with some creativity, can be shared by several people

Both of the above are utilizing the same database which has a minor update every week and major update each month.
Both can send routes (turns and map) by email to smartphones.
Both have the same yearly subscription price.


PatchMap-PC 2.0

Once again PatchMap is functioning on the MapSource platform as our off-line PC product … and when utilizing nRoute, for PC navigation. This is our only PC product that operates entirely off-line and is designed to do exactly that. It loads only to a Windows PC operating system so Apple users will have to get a program like Parallels in order to leverage it. Photography or imagery in the background is not possible with this product.

All operations are done on the PC although initial installation and updates are done from a web connection. The MapSource program was deprecated by Garmin a few years ago, but we have been able to modernise some of the communication and map compiling systems so that it once again is usable for our Oil & Gas customers. All files are stored locally and would have to be shared via e-mail or perhaps through a dropbox system. This mapset is updated every month at the same time as the PatchMap SD cards (and the others too) so the maps will reflect exactly the same information no matter where they are used.

Program is locked to one PC but can be moved to another PC with SkyBase’s technical assistance.