Is the Customer ALWAYS Right?

17 December 2016
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The Dilemma

the-swing-solutionInterestingly, the pictures depict the same problem no matter what business you (we) happen to be in.

The difference between a great solution at a really good price and a totally overkill product with a price to match … or a product that was overhyped and turned out not to be the steal of a deal, is that the great solution:

  1. Reads between the lines of how the customer explains what he needs
  2. Has the project leader that knows what will actually work and what won’t
  3. The analyst stays in the real world
  4. Programming is done with the complete picture already embedded and creates based on that vision
  5. Keeps the Business Consultant on a short leash
  6. Has a feedback system
  7. Makes sure that all the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed
  8. Keeps control over cost overruns
  9. Makes sure that the only reason for the customer to not remember your number is because it all works so well they forget who you are
  10. Gives the customer not only what they needed but a little bit more … soon to be used everyday

You know, like Skybase does with all of their software packages.

Oh, and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


Escaping the Dilemma

…  You simply have to do your research.

In the end, is the customer always right? … well an informed one is … but how do you know if you are a customer that is informed? It’s said that you have to know 60% of the answer to (even) ask the right question so here’s a bit of help:

Questions to ask:

  1. do they have a Garmin GPS product?
    •  * a Win PC product that talks to the GPS?
    •  * a web based product that you can use anywhere?
    •  * a PC totally off-line version that talks to the GPS?
  2. do they have an overlay to improve your tracking system’s map?
    •  * can it be used for both ground and air vehicles?
  3. can it be used for
    •  * Job Bidding?
    •  * Journey Management Plans?
      •  *  * routing?
      •  *  * emailing to trucker’s smartphone?
    •  * Emergency Response Plans?
    •  * where the nearest Hospitals are?
    •  * where the nearest accommodation is?
  4. can screenshots be embedded in field reports?
  5. can field photos be pulled into the map and used as documentation?
  6. can you phone them and have them assist you out of a navigational dilemma right in the field
    •  * talk you through the route from where you are to where you need to go?
    •  * e-mail you the route right to your smartphone?
    •  *  * … even though you haven’t purchased ANY of their products?


We already know what the answers will be … the first one will be yes but that’s where the yeses end.  We are in business to make money but we intentionally create the best products to make life easier for all of us (ever try to defend a piece of junk product?) … if your decision is always based on pricing, you’re likely using someone else’s product … and you may think that it’s the best thing since sliced bread … until you see ours.

… ever hear the saying “You get what you pay for” ?


A bit more information regarding the of the state of affairs in our present day business environment:

We have had over time, several so called competitors in the Garmin SD market, who took our documented capabilities then created their own with a mere thread of truth running through it … so that the products (theirs and ours) looked like they were the same … only theirs was cheaper. Well, we have patiently waited as they slowly are found out … when our two products are set beside each other, they suddenly want to throw the others away …. there’s that much difference in functionality!

But wait … don’t do that, we will give you a $149 discount to trade it for a PatchMap SD card that you will never want to throw away .

Another option is to get our PatchMap-Lite product which is half the price of theirs and a straight trade for any comparable product (even BushMap). When PatchMap-Lite is teamed up with our Free MapBuddy program your Garmin can always be current as the new wellsites are added each month.

DO YOUR RESEARCH, our products are the best.


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