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12 December 2015
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In early February 2005 Google Maps announced it’s existence … derived from a combination of the companies, Where 2 Technologies and Keyhole (with controversial investment from the CIA) along which a spin-off derived from Earth Viewer, now called Google Earth. A few months later in June 2005, their first Google Maps API appeared and there are now over a million websites using this free application … impressive for sure.

A year and a bit later in November 2006 SkyBase Solutions changed it’s emphasis from field work to oil & gas map creator for Garmin GPS units. It took a year to get a proof of concept and since, SkyBase has emerged as the premier oil & gas navigational mapping supply and service company. As a bootstrapped company, without millions of advertising funding, we can’t afford to give away very much of anything (although we have; with over $80,000 still on the books).

In the eight years since SkyBase surfaced as a digital map supplier, we have not only successfully produced PatchMap, the best oil & gas Garmin map but also: an off-line PC version, a Win PC/Web version, a full web version for any operating system, a tile version for tracking companies to use as overlays, an API for other programmers to leverage and soon, smartphone versions (replacing Google Maps for Oil & Gas); all of these updated each month with the same underlying dataset. Although we have had no funding from the CIA, we have had significant support from the Canadian SR&ED program.

Some would say that it’s impossible to compete in an environment where the competition (perceived or otherwise) gives their product away … yet we have. In order to do that we must have had some pretty significant and useful differences. Without the many millions in funding and 100s of software programmers, PatchMap holds it’s own as an efficiency tool beyond what even Google has … and gives away (however is not always accurate – 36 kph?). PatchMap is really about all the oil and gas features that Google has so far found no interest in … and we have built our system around.

They say “Build it and they will come”   Well, we have.

**  It’s your turn … come on, we’re ready … PatchMap is still at about 10% market penetration.

In this time of efficiency seeking, let’s get you geared up properly … the more PatchMap you use, the more efficient you (and all your service companies) will become … Even our Culligan Man uses PatchMap !


PatchMap is THE GPS Navigation system built for safe and efficient navigation anywhere in the Canadian oil & gas regions of Canada. It has over 100,000 kms of roads no other navigation tool has.

Small cost … big win.

First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !

*** PatchMap comes on an SD card for Garmin GPS units … the entire cost is less than front tires for the vehicle.

Maybe it’s time to clue your team in !


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