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29 October 2015
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Did you know? …

There’s a tool for oil & gas field logistic planners that has a one day ROI ?  I know you are wondering … So is this a typical exaggeration? … well not according to one Project Manager who got thrown a large remote project at the last minute, without local knowledge, including how to get there. We loaded him for bear and off he went.

He called a couple days later, in a small lull in his still chaotic life to let us know that he saved the cost of the PC software before noon the first day! … so I stretched it to a full day … sue me !

All he had to do is save a couple hours of picker time to pay for it … no wonder it only took a few hours to pay for itself !  … So what is this magical tool? … well, that was some time ago when it was called PatchMap PC … the equivalent to the present day PatchMap-Web … an industry leader for both navigation and logistical planning … even being able to check on service company’s MOB charges!


PatchMap is THE GPS Navigation system built for safe and efficient navigation anywhere in the Canadian oil & gas regions of Canada. It has over 100,000 kms of roads no other navigation tool has.


Small cost … big savings.

First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !

*** PatchMap-Web is a constantly updated web connected logistic map system … the cost is less than one front tire for a picker truck.    Maybe it’s time to clue your project managers in !


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