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Did you know? …

98% of all field staff have been lost before (2% liars), 70% in the last year and that might be conservative if people were to be honest with you when you asked them … definitions of ‘lost’ are suddenly important, etc.


OK, we will use the terminology ‘temporarily misplaced’ … does that allow more honesty? … there are many reasons that this might happen, many of us are directionally challenged even if the sun is out. We aren’t here to beat up on anyone … our interest is making you look great even if you don’t have a clue !


I often have heard “just give me the land location and I’ll find it, I’ve been around forever”  ….  I just laugh and show them the map below and say REALLY? first try? … surface, you have virtually no chance … and bottomhole, you’ll win the Lottery first !  Brave or stupid … and I’ll take and win that bet! 

That’s how people end up on the wrong side of the Peace or Kakwa or Pembina (the list is long) Rivers and wind up losing the client! … how was that for cost effective … maybe the map wasn’t all that expensive after all?














 **  If you really want to get there on the first try, there is only ONE product that will get the job done … and you could send office staff to do it … look like a champ and act like one too … just use PatchMap !


PatchMap is THE GPS Navigation system built for safe and efficient navigation anywhere in the Canadian oil & gas regions of Canada. It has over 100,000 kms of roads no other navigation tool has. GPS, PC and Web tools.

Small cost … drive Straight.

First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !

*** PatchMap-Web is a constantly updated web connected logistic map system … the cost is almost negligible … GET LOST a few times then do the calculation.

  Maybe it’s time to use a comprehensive and inclusive tool !

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