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Did you know? …

PatchMap out performs 100% of all other apps built for the Canadian oil & gas regions.

All the other apps shell (whimp) out to Google Maps for their routing … in this business, routing is the real test for whether you’re a man or a boy … PatchMap routes on it’s own roads, so … man up, get a tool that works! 

PatchMap is the only navigation tool that knows the difference between surface and bottomhole names and makes sure that whichever one you use or are given, that you go to the correct surface location … and you see everything in the map, both the surface location and the line to the bottomhole, so everything makes sense … like a real map.


Want to test this out?… see what you find … try searching for 12-21-61-5-W6 in whatever system you think is superior .. which is the correct wellsite ? and which road gets you there? PatchMap takes you to the correct lease and even directs you to the correct wellhead on a multipad location!

How about 3-33-81-15-W6 … does your tool even respond? If it doesn’t, I know why … and yes there is a well there … just get the tool that was built by a surveyor (PatchMap) instead of an opportunist (all the rest)! 

Maybe try 2-26-84-8-W6 or 9-27-84-8-W6 … does it take you to the north or south side of the Peace River? … are you bravely going to follow your app? … there are 1000s just like these … PatchMap is just simply a better tool, built for the real world.

The reality is that all the other apps just point you to the center of the LSD, not to a wellsite at all … and if you don’t understand the difference, then that’s why they are able to sell you a ‘better than a kick in the ass’ tool … and why you passed on PatchMap.

If you’re serious about being efficient, comfortable and safe, just get PatchMap, available in any of several platforms … there’s nothing to regret except how long it took you to get around to it!


PatchMap is THE GPS Navigation system built for safe and efficient navigation anywhere in the oil & gas regions of Canada. It has over 100,000 kms of roads no other navigation tool has. GPS, PC and Web tools.


Small cost … easy decision.

First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !

*** PatchMap-Web is a constantly updated web connected logistic map system … the cost is almost negligible … GET LOST a few times then do the calculation.

  Maybe it’s time to use a comprehensive and inclusive tool !


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