Did you know ... PatchMap in GeoTrac GPS

29 November 2015
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Did you know? …

PatchMap SD cards work in GEOTrac GPS systems ?

You bet, just because your company has chosen the GEOTrac Vehicle Location System does not mean that you have to suffer their maps in the Garmin GPS units! Many of our customers are tired of the misplaced locations and the directions that leave them on the wrong side of the river or wellsite descriptions that are far from descriptive enough to determine if it is the correct location …. any idea how many 15-24-07 locations there are? (well none actually … it’s missing too much information … it could be anywhere)







Use a real PatchMap with real wells and real world understanding built in … not just one with LSD centroids!








Even if your dispatch system is using the location ‘push’ technology available in the Garmin GPS communicator software, the GPS will route on whichever map is in the GPS anyway … so it might as well be the best! There are several AVL tracking companies that use our overlays now and a couple more soon to be added to the list … look here. Even helicopter flight following companies can use our overlays … you just have to ask for it.



PatchMap is THE GPS Navigation system built for safe and efficient navigation anywhere in the Canadian oil & gas regions of Canada. It has over 100,000 kms of roads no other navigation tool has. GPS, PC and Web tools.


Small cost … efficiency or what.

First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !

*** PatchMap-Web is a constantly updated web connected logistic map system …

  Maybe it’s time to use a comprehensive and inclusive tool !

One response on “Did you know … PatchMap in GeoTrac GPS

  1. […] Being obviously quite sharp, he saw a small opening that he wanted to see if he could open a bit further … “What about allowing me to trade my (brand X) product for PatchMap-GPS; would you allow me the same $149 credit?” Well, strangely I only thought about it for a few seconds and said “Sure, why not … if you supply a working SD card of anyone else’s oil & gas product, I’ll give you $149 credit towards a PatchMap-GPS” … this solves more than one problem, his as a dissatisfied user of an inferior product and mine, getting rid of some confusion in the marketplace … “If you are disappointed in the product that you now have; and a direct comparison will always enlist buyer’s remorse, you deserve to be happy and I know only one way to fix that … let’s get you rigged up!” … and as you see in the graphics, that includes those used by the tracking companies! […]

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