Did you Know? ... PatchMap is THE Industry Standard

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Did you Know? …

The Industry Standard for Field Navigation and Routing Logistics is …. who?


If there is one, what are the parts needed to win this title? …

  •    ***   which parts of the industry need to be won over?
  •    ***   head office?  how do they distribute the information?
  •    ***   branch offices need to follow up with bids and subsequently dispatching
  •    ***   the vehicle operators need to navigate with paper maps or GPS units or smartphones but
  •    ***   all the roads need to be there … Google just doesn’t work most of the time so they’re out


  • So …  who has:
  •    ***   all the facilities
  •    ***   all the compressores
  •    ***   all the actual surface locations of the wellsites
  •    ***   all the township locations (LSD) and Petroleum Natural gas Grid (PNG)
  •    ***   ALL the roads that connect to these locations
  •    ***   most importantly their own routing tool to route there
  •          …   on a GPS
  •          …   on a PC
  •          …   on a smartphone
  •          …   in asset tracking software
  •          …   in their own software
  •          …   in your software?


Well, you can look high and low but you will not find any other system as connected to the needs of field navigation as Patch Map … so there is only one system that contains all the parts necessary to satisfy all the requirements to be considered the Industry Standard Navigation Tool for the Oil and Gas Industry … and that is PatchMap!



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