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10 February 2016
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Did you know … farm and ranch realtors are always looking for a decent way to display the land descriptions on a map and by far the best one is the (presently) free version of MapBuddy? We’ve all seen everything from sketches on paper to clippings from municipal maps to points on Google Maps or now realtor.ca is using Bing … all of them, well … suck … right?

Farmland for sale at NOA Realty

Farmland for sale at NOA Realty



So … what are you waiting on … a gold plated invitation? download it here: FREE MapBuddy

Any township descriptions can automatically be traced onto the map as well as the center of each quarter.

  •   * Additional points can be added such as the residence or field access points
  •      **  They can even be moved if they didn’t end up quite right
  •  * Lines can be drawn for partial properties
  •  * areas can be derived if they are not quite known
  •  * The points can be  transferred to any Garmin GPS unit by simply plugging it into your Windows PC

Basically it’s a realtor’s dream come true … and it’s at the price point all realtors love … FREE!

Although it is stated elsewhere … everyone should know that if you take a screenshot of Google Maps, you MUST include the Google icon at the bottom left corner … it’s part of their usage agreement.

Oh … it may not be free forever so best take advantage of it while it still is!



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