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29 October 2015
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Did you know? …

70% of the sales reps that are chasing the rigs, when they finally get to the location are heard to say “and there it is … GONE!” (well, mostly it’s more colorful than that) … so they pull out a map to figure where they’re off to next. They know that they waste a bunch of time like that but they are doing everything that they can … well except use PatchMap that is.

All the money that is spent on the various ‘rig finding tools’ could have been used to buy something that is significantly more useful … PatchMap-Web … guess what, it has rig locations at no extra cost ! Combine that with PatchMap in their GPS units and they will cover 2-3 times the ground; be safer doing it; and feel like they finally have a system that works together.


PatchMap is THE GPS Navigation system built for safe and efficient navigation anywhere in the Canadian oil & gas regions of Canada. It has over 100,000 kms of roads no other navigation tool has. Tools for GPS, PC & Web.


Small cost … no more frustrated reps.

First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !

*** PatchMap-Web is a constantly updated web connected logistic map system … the cost per year is less than one month’s  cell phone charge for a sales rep.    Maybe it’s time to think twice and act once !


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