Down turns aren't all bad

The Advantages of a Down-turn

We’d be foolish to think that when the wind goes out of the sails for our main industry, that we don’t get a bit jumpy … but it’s also an opportunity that we have seen before. When the belt tightens in the oil & gas industry there’s a sudden interest in efficiencies wherever they can be found.


Lucky for us, that’s what we do; we give people the tools to make themselves and others under their direction, extremely efficient while also giving them situational awareness so they automatically feel safer and are more comfortable with their work situation, whatever it is. Interestingly, it’s regular working people who buy our products, regular people who work for service companies, service companies that work for oil & gas companies. So, no matter who pays our bill, it’s the oil & gas companies that we are slowly making more efficient.


Efficiency, as it turns out (as opposed to sh*t) runs uphill … isn’t that a change? Executives need proof if they are going to break the status quo so let me tell you a story: There once was an oil & gas company that used our products with some reluctance, but in the end, estimated a $3,000,000 savings in only one area, one winter season, via one consultant … and that was in rig moves alone.  If you were to prorate those savings to all the rest of the service sector that supplied work for that company in just that one area and one drilling season … it would add up to a number that even the most shortsighted company representative wouldn’t dare to leave on the table.


Yet, here we sit, able to easily save (make?) oil & gas companies a sweet pile of cash but they don’t have anyone actually positioned with enough skin in the game to be open to our offerings … well, it is once again a downturn, maybe some sharp executive will allow us to advance their career by opening the door so we can help them save a few million shekels … we will gladly be the ladder that is used to elevate the executive to the distinction of company hero … after all it would be a win / win / win situation, aren’t they the best kind?


Did that last paragraph sound somehow desperate? … well, in a way it is … desperate to understand how it is that something that all the little people can see as a common sense ‘no-brainer’, that classically trained business people don’t see at all or ignore or see but walk around it like a turd on the sidewalk … didn’t anyone ever advise them in business school to “take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves” ? or maybe that’s reserved for fatherly advice ….


Then I hear my dad’s confirming and concise words:

“Well it might be common sense to you son, but common sense is not actually all that common”


If you are interested in learning more, like what the heck am I selling/talking about?

please communicate.  Rob:   780-518-2666

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