Efficiency - What is it exactly? (Find me a Visionary)

How would you describe efficiency? 

After listening and learning about all the ways different size companies operate it would seem that there is more than one definition of efficiency.

Perhaps a better way to understand it, is there’s a sliding scale of what a particular size company would consider to be efficient;

** a very small company REALLY wants to be efficient as any savings go straight into the owner’s back pocket

** a slightly larger company has to create certain ‘policies’ that need to be followed in order for the owners to be able to control their workers to keep an eye on the ball

** medium size companies start to lose the ability to define what and in which circumstances a method is efficient and conflicting opinions often render efficiencies a “next time” game

** large companies have pretty much lost the desire to find efficiencies, or rather the efficiency has to be huge (or really easy) in order for them to consider changing course as it may cause disruption and thereby overwhelm the efficiencies that were sought .. catch 22 as it were

****  The efficiencies are still there to obtain, it’s just not a priority anymore. Add to that, managers who’s paycheck revolves around a four or six month window of retained earnings / bonus payout scheme and efficiency is all but officially on the back burner  ****


Into that environment, strides SkyBase;  as it turns out, we are in the efficiency business

So the lowest fruit in this market are the really small companies,

** our solutions are actually a no-brainer for small companies … they turn around on the road; buy everything we can sell them and smile all the way to the bank … with ROIs typically in just a few days, they need little encouragement

** a relatively easy sell to slightly larger companies … and we can help construct the policies to make it all work as the software inherently does that already … and it’s just a few minutes to learn

** the medium size companies start to require that we encourage a champion to slowly promote our ideas and methods around the company …  and after a year or two they come around and decide to allow us to create efficiencies for them … what has happened, the efficiencies are still there in spades? They are leaving thousands and probably millions on the table …

*** and right now our challenge is to get under the skin of the large companies … who almost don’t want us there … to help them create an efficiency mindset that blends with the way things are presently done … sort of a mole effect … preferably at no cost … wow, bummer ! There’s no question that millions are being squandered here, all we need is a forward thinker ***


Where are the forward thinkers?

As a small company, we are still in the the game at the “we need efficiency in order to survive” stage yet can’t quite believe that any size company would not be interested in the efficiencies that we can provide for them. That’s really too bad !  ….  What happened to build it and they will come?

Upper management is where we need to go … where the visionaries live, those that can see past six months (although it won’t take that long)  … and who have a cone of influence below them that would quickly prove our solutions and just as quickly lower bullions (ya that’s gold) into their pockets!

If  you are a forward thinker / visionary that can make executive decisions … give our visionary a call (780-518-2666) he’s waiting to put big bucks into your company coffers and will work for free to prove it !

Rob Coutts – President of SkyBase (the Solutions Company)


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