Emergency Response Plans

4 November 2016
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Emergency Response Plans are a daily standard process these days for anyone working in the oil & gas industry. Many businesses work in relatively static locations from day to day but for those who are working in two or more each and every day, with a fair bit of driving from one to the other … there may need to be several different EMS plans required just for a day’s work … especially if the nearest hospital changes from one worksite to the next.

What is the process that you have in place and how is the data collected so you can build your ERP plans? … Did you know that there really is only one company that dedicates it’s existence to creating and maintaining a properly routable road system for the Canadian O&G industry … then supplying that dataset in a controlled way (keeping it current) to their own software programs but also making it available to other software solutions so that you can both navigate ie.create the Journey Management Plan for the day but also spit out the info for the ER Plan? … and many other efficiencies if you so choose.

How can I say that there is only one? … well that’s because that’s us SkyBase Solutions. We created the only product lineup that has all the lease roads in it, as in about 155,000 kms more roads than any other source … without those roads, neither JMPs nor ERPs can be completed correctly (unless you actually drive the route that is).

Which products actually have all those roads? Well, any PatchMap product … and it’s updated monthly so you’ll always be current with the situation on the ground.

PatchMap-Web is particularly designed for both the dispatching and safety of your workers and uses a simple log-in procedure so in a pinch you could bring it up on your iPad at home and resolve an issue … leveraging whatever you had at the office … talk about Emergency Response!


Maps and Turn Directions can be saved for future use, printed to pdf, even sent via email as an ActiveMap, so a smartphone user can use it as a guide on the road.

There’s a free Road Ban layer with color coding … maybe it’s a width restriction and it doesn’t affect you … don’t want to take a chance? Use the hot link to get a Permit, right there on the map … how much easier can it get?


and an active drilling rig layer where you can get directions by just indicating “Make this my Destination” as seen below:


And all of this functionality will cost you $2.73/ day … divide that up between your several crews or sales teams and how can this be anything but a ‘No-Brainer” … your morning coffee cost two or three times that (unless it came with breakfast at A&W).

Care to try it out for a month at no cost or obligation … call Rob: 780-518-2666 … in 5 minutes you’ll be saving yourself all kinds of grief !

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