Fall is in the Air - Time for a SALE !

27 August 2017
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The best “Trucker Map” is one that covers Everywhere

While we do build paper truck maps, why not have a map that covers the entire oil patch? … and be able to zoom in to see all the details … or search to find literally any location by more ways than you could imagine … no matter what your job description is or if there is cell coverage?

Whether preloaded on an SD card for Garmin GPS units, on any of our three PC oilfield programs, as a layer on your vehicle tracking solution or embedded within software that you use, the dataset is the same and updated monthly … and by the way, has about 170,000km more roads than ANY other map you will find … talk about working off of the same page !

So here we are, trying to make sure that:

  • YOU can search for and find ANY land location
  • YOU can verify that it’s the correct location (UWI, operator, surface, vintage, etc.)
  • YOU can SEE the directional drill line to better understand why the well is named as it is
  • YOU can navigate to that location by road, trail or by air
  • YOU can find optimal routes between multiple locations
  • YOU can SEE whether the well is active/abandoned, oil/gas/water
  • YOU can feel as safe and as comfortable about the working environment as possible

YOU can get to the right location every time, by the best route possible and without being lost along the way … and also how to get back home when conditions have changed, or you have to find an alternative route.

PatchMap should be in your bag of tricks, not just to get you there but also to set you apart from the rest … be aware however that all your buddies will be calling you for directions to get them out of a tight spot!

Many of our truck driver customers complain about exactly that … backing up the office because the office doesn’t think that PatchMap is of enough value ?? … it’s them who are the beneficiaries of YOUR foresight and conviction to get THEIR job done correctly and efficiently.

Well, maybe it’s time to show them this article about the September 2017 FALL SALE on PatchMap SD cards … there are always discounts on volume deals … let us rig up the whole outfit, the efficiencies compound !!


PatchMap SD for Garmin GPS – Fall SALE $395.00




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