UC 360° Image Viewer | 360 Degree Images | Aerial Photography


UC 360 is an advanced solution for capturing 360° images. Ever use Google Street View and think that it sure would be great if you could have similar imagery on all roads? With UC 360 you can now create your own 360° images custom fit to your needs. We have taken the concept and moved it off the beaten path, into such things as the pipeline compliance world.


If you are a municipality or an industrial entity like an oil & gas or forestry company, SkyBase offers the service of capturing and hosting the datasets in a similar fashion to what you have seen in Google Street View. As can be seen from the samples, this can be captured from either a ground or aerial based vehicle. You set the parameters, we do the work!


UC 360 collected Images can be stored on either your servers or ours or both. With both, the images can then be accessed from within your GIS system for internal use, and via other methods for external use, saving bandwidth and ensuring corporate security.

Compatible Devices

MapBuddy is the easiest way to make the 360° photos available as the free MapBuddy is all that is required for viewing. We separate the public and private dataset viewing via a simple and secure method, yet if necessary, such as in an emergency, private images can be discreetly shared ... still using MapBuddy and the sharing is revocable at any time.

Price Tag

UC 360 is a highly customizable option from SkyBase Solutions. Based on your needs and budget we will provide a quote. Please contact Rob Coutts. 780-518-2666.

New camera system coming soon … call for more info.