FieldView 360° Images for Realtors

20 October 2013
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we also know time is money. So for a Realtor in a busy market what is the value of a time saving 360 Degree virtual tour? Imagine eliminating long winded descriptive emails, reducing your showing time and engaging your audience with hands on virtual tours! SkyBase is excited to offer this 360° online virtual tour resource to the Alberta Realty Market. With FieldView from SkyBase save time and improve business.

Why Choose FieldView for your Real Estate?

Potential buyers and renters are often busy during the work day, which may leave your evenings or weekends packed with showings.  Is there anything worse than setting aside weekend time for a showing only to discover that your potential buyer or renter is simply bored and looking for something to do? Online virtual tours can drastically improve your real estate business and save you time.

Below are a few of the key benefits seen by Realtors who are efficiently using virtual tours to boost and sell their listings.


  • Pinpoints Your Serious Buyers – Giving potential buyers a preview of what’s in store is a great way to make your showings more meaningful – and more likely to turn into a rental or sale. If potential clients have toured the property online first (and still want to see it in person), this indicates that they are already impressed and more serious about what you have to offer.


  • Generate Leads – Stand out from the crowd! Your potential clients know that you mean business with a site that includes a professional online virtual tour. This is not a standard tool that all realtors have adapted. Taking amateur, wide-angle photos of your property simply does not make it stand out. Not only is a virtual tour helpful, it also says a lot about the lengths you are willing to go to make the buying or renting process as smooth as possible.


  • Improves Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –  Simply put, make it to the top of Google Search list with a dynamic website chalked full of great video. By adding diverse media to your website often, you are constantly telling Google Bots that your website is buzzing and needs attention. Along with utilizing standard SEO techniques, you will get better search engine results if you add interesting video content to your website.


  • Saves Time – Virtual tours can tell the potential client a lot. People searching your site may find your virtual tour and be extremely intrigued, thus your in-person showing is already starting on the right foot. Alternatively, some people may be looking for something other than what you are offering. Floor plans, blue prints, number of rooms/bathrooms, and included utilities do not always communicate enough to a potential client before the showing. If they are truly looking for something else, the online tour can tell them… without you having to waste time on a showing.


 If you’re not yet convinced, or have more questions regarding the FieldView 360° service offered by SkyBase, give us a call. You can also head over to our FieldView page to see what a dynamic 360° image entails.

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