GPS Set Up - For PatchMap

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This posting is designed for new Garmin GPS users. If you have purchased PatchMap you will need to take a few simple steps to set up your GPS.

  1. Insert your PatchMap SD or MicroSD card into the device
  2. From your main screen – Tools – Settings – Map – Map Info – Select the 2 PatchMap options – Deselect (turn 0ff) the City Navigator North America (CN)
  3. Map Detail – Set to Most (or More)
  4. Keyboard Language turn to ABCDE (turn of QWERTY)

When using your PatchMap it is important to remember to turn off your City Navigator. This is the standard North America map that comes installed on all Garmins. The device does not have the capabilities to run both maps at the same time. If you notice your Garmin is acting up, flashing screen, driving in the ditch etc. Check this setting 9/10 this is the problem.

Tool – Settings – Map – Map Info – CN North America … (check this off) Ensure both layers of PatchMap have a check-mark beside them.

If you would like to use your GPS for in City use i.e. Search House address, restaurants, shopping etc. go into this same area of settings – Turn CN North America on, turn both layers of PatchMap off. You do not need to remove your PatchMap Card.


CLICK HERE to see screen shots and details for setting up your Garmin GPS



2 responses on “GPS Set Up – For PatchMap

  1. tim hurdle says:

    i just purchased patchmaps for my garmin device & am happy with it but i am curious. Looking for some lease sites such as 8b-5-60-4 & 8d-5-60-4 might be on different roads. Is there a way that i can distinguish between 8b & 8d sites? Seems you can only do 8-5-60-4 & hope for the best. Any imput would be nice, Thx.

  2. Lisa Elford says:

    Hi Tim,

    Good Question. When a Letter precedes a standard DLS legal description it’s done to indicate drilling instance. For example 8-5-60-4-W4 is the first location drilled in that bottomhole LSD. If another is drilled in the same bottomhole then it’s called A8-5-60-4-W4, then B… and so on.

    The Letter is often present in the well name but isn’t actually present in the Unique Well Identifier (UWI). SkyBase does have access to the well names but we don’t use them to search because they don’t follow a formal naming convention which would make it very difficult to instruct users how to search wells. The energy company could name it anything they want like “Jack’s 1-5”. For this reason we use the UWI to create a searchable land description, this way everything is consistent.

    The UWI uses 100/, 102/, 103/, etc to indicate the instance. The first well (100) is rarely referred to as 100/8-5-60-4, the 100 is assumed. Because of this we leave these instance prefixes out, as it’s not intuitive to put them in when they’re missing. When searching using PatchMap simply type 8-5-60-4-W4. In this case it will return two results with the instance in brackets at the end – eg. (00), (02), (03). “02” is the “A” and “03” is the “B” well.

    Hope this helps! If you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to give us a call. SkyBase Solutions 780-820-0120

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