Grande Prairie Sports Expo

As we have for many years, we had a booth at the Grande Prairie Sports Expo April 10-12.

We normally don’t intend to sell anything at these events, we did sell a couple of things this year and reinforced a few contacts that have strayed to new employment (it’s hard to keep track isn’t it?)


Our emphasis this year was on our PatchMap product lineup as well as all the “get out of jail free” devices for communicating outside cell coverage … and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that we now sell the Backroad Mapbooks and their new SD cards for Garmin GPS that are infused with our old BushMap product data. Bigger area, same price …  call and we will tell you all about it.

We will be in the same building for the Peace Region Petroleum Show in May as well, so if you missed us, make sure to come around to see what we have cooked up for that show. There will be a bunch of new software and we will be highlighting our alliance with Province State Permitting. We will even be renting a room  for a quieter, more personal demonstration of how both our systems work and how they work together …. take the time to visit and learn how to save a few bucks.


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