How Upgrade PatchMap to MapBuddy Version

How To Upgrade:

from PatchMap on MapSource to PatchMap on MapBuddy

Follow these instructions to upgrade your PatchMap.

PatchMap in MapSource, due to Garmin changing the rules, has been deprecated. MapBuddy is a program created by SkyBase so we have much more control over how it functions. MapBuddy is a free download available from our website and here.

Once MapBuddy is successfully loaded you are ready to get a trial or purchase the PatchMap (DisPatch) Extension. The code for the Extension, once e-mailed to you, is to be inserted into the PatchMap DisPatch slot under the Manage Extensions drop-down next to the Gear icon. Once it is re-opened MapBuddy will have some magical capabilities, including such things as communicating with any Garmin GPS unit … moving points & tracks and even georeferenced  photos back and forth.

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

3. Click Run

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

4. Click the Folder Icon - Create a New Folder

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

5. Example - Save New Folder

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

6. Download Begins

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

7. Select 'Yes'

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

8. Select 'Next'

9. You will be asked to enter update code - Codes can be purchased online or @ 1-87-PATCHMAP

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update for PC Maps+

1. Download the Updater From or Your Update Email

PatchMap Oilfield Map Update

2. Open the Download

If you have any questions regarding your update or need technical assistance, please call us directly at 1-87-PATCHMAP or 780-814-2130