Issues Finding an LSD with Single Digits?

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If you are currently using PatchMap in your Gamin GPS you may have noticed issues when searching for an LSD with single digits. For example 4-1-47-10 W5. If you are using a Garmin Nuvi with the older search function – (Where To – Near – A Different City – Points of Interest ) Here is a simple way to ensure you always find the LSD you are looking for on the first try.

When doing a GPS search for an LSD that has single digits please use the following steps: For example 4-1-47-10 W5


1. Where To

2. Near

3. A Different City

4. Enter Your TWP – RANGE i.e. 47-10 W5

Find Oilfield POIs in Garmin GPS

5. Points of Interest

6. Enter LSD-SECTION-TWP-RANGE i.e. 4-1-47-10 (generally on this step you would only need to enter the LSD & Section, but in the case of the single digit your Garmin GPS will need a little help so we enter the full legal)

Find LSD in Garmin Nuvi

7. Select your matched LSD and GO!


The Garmin GPS does not actually read the (-‘s) in you search, so in the event of single digits it has trouble understanding the search. If you did your LSD search the standard method you would notice search results such as 14-1-47-10. In the new Nuvi’s this will not be an issue because you start your search by entering the full 4 number legal.

Any other questions regarding your Garmin GPS search function, finding Oilfield POI’s or searching for an LSD and having issues – Give us a call – we are more than happy to help. 1-87-PATCHMAP

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