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9 May 2017
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Oilfield Navigation: First you need to get there … before that you need to figure out where ‘there’ is. Of the many tools that can be used, some are free (like MapBuddy), some have a price; all will find an LSD, almost all shell out to Google Maps for navigation … which works well until the LSD or wellsite or compressorsite or plantsite is more than 5 kms from a Google Road and then it simply refuses to calculate, leaving users frustrated and perhaps angry … who wants or needs that?

So how do you make this dissatisfaction go away? … keep an eye on the bird (in this case) … the only way for a route to be calculated all the way into any oilfield jobsite is to leverage PatchMap’s extensive road and routing system. That is why I recently reached out to the many LSD, Lease, Coordinate and Finder tools to offer them an alternative routing tool … this one is the oil & gas standard version: PatchMap. Those of them who want to up the sales of their products will soon be sporting the only real routing system for oil and gas navigation: PatchMap.


***  First you have to get there … Use PatchMap or GET LOST !




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