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14 January 2016
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WTF ?… All my wellsites are gone!  

We have heard this before and will hear it again:

PatchMap Wellsite Facility Compressorsite LSD Search “Your update removed all my wellsites, I want my old SD card back!”

Even Garmin does not explain this properly … nor are there any videos to Google that explain this maddening bump.

Unfortunately, even the old SD card would not bring them back … here’s what happened … and what you should be doing differently:

  • ** Simply put; the solution is … save your searches as Favorites … don’t rely on the Recent Finds


The answer in a bit more detail:

After searching and finding a wellsite, you are pressing GO … the route is calculated and zoom, you’re gone!

  •   **  this also automatically puts a map bookmark at that location (in temporary memory) which is what the Recently Found list actually is … if the map goes away, the bookmark referencing the location is gone too.
  •   **  BTW: there is a limit of 50 places in this bookmark list, then it starts to overwrite; some of you have experienced this and wondered why there were only 50 saved locations when the GPS documentation said you should have 1000 … well, those were all Recently Found locations … none of them were saved as Favorites …. now it makes sense, right?


  •   **  What you should be doing is pressing Save first, then GO … just one more step
    • –  saving the location as a Favorite will place it into permanent memory… only a couple more seconds are needed to save a bunch of grief at map update time.
    • –  once in permanent memory … well, it’s permanent unless you want it to be deleted or you reach the limit of the GPS unit,  typically 1000 Favourites (Waypoints)


    Saving all the favorites to a PC can be done a couple different ways, depending on the model and vintage of Garmin GPS unit.

    • One of the best ways is via our free MapBuddy program where you can also easily combine several such Favorite files together by simply using drag and drop.


  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason … drive safe !


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