MapBuddy 4Business

4Business Overview

4Business Extension, when added to the FREE MapBuddy will add some very useful tools for keeping visual control of your business interests when they are spread out over a large geographical area.


Any Business anywhere will be able to search and find addresses or chosen locations, navigate to that location, document the job specifics and share everything with others ... all from MapBuddy.


The ability to create what amounts to your own GIS system, allows possibilities of controlling the logistics of many jobsites and many crews at the same time.

Compatible Devices

MapBuddy is a Windows PC program.

Price Tag

The 4Business addon to MapBuddy will be charged on a yearly basis at a subscription cost of $245.


Updates are feed to your PC each time the program is opened ... it happens automagically.

 Annual Subscription – $245/year

All online orders may take up to 48 hrs to process. Digital log-ins, passwords and unlock codes will be provided via email.