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Dispatch Overview

MapBuddy DisPatch is the Extension to MapBuddy that leverages PatchMap for near flawless navigation purposes, anywhere in the western Canadian oil and gas system. As this system uses the web, we can add layers at will, each of which can be visible as required. This is basically the poor man's GIS system, only better as it accesses a variety of data that formal GIS tend to shy away from. MapBuddy, through it’s unusual deployment method can give both exclusive and universal access to various datasets and functionality. This program easily shares this via the free ‘viewer’ (MapBuddy without the activated extension) available as a free download to anyone. This product really stands apart from any other system on the market.


Our primary mission with this product is to enable proper routing for oil and gas service companies as well as the oil and gas companies themselves, offering efficient logistics for any project. By overcoming costly obstacles at the design stage we can save you millions. It turns out that if the map is good enough for the O&G industry, other purposes are easily served. Examples include: visualizing a subdivision by a farmer to fighting wilderness fires in areas that you have less than complete data; to visualizing the gas co-op ‘leak detection’ file (before paying for the service) to being able to properly dispatch from the 911 center. As this system covers so much ground with a very light tool, the sky really is the limit.


Search for any land location: wellsites by LSD or PNG; facilities by location or name; zoom to them when you choose it, create waypoints and LSD boundaries too! Search for roads by name; have it automatically highlighted and centered on the screen. Zoom to a kilometer post just by choosing it. Search pretty much anything and anywhere including city addresses (some rural addresses too) Type in a coordinate in 3 types of Lat/Long or UTM. Turn on and off various grids, topographical and administrative layers; even highway cams and weather info. It’s all here in one place, and you can communicate directly with your Garmin GPS too. Print turn by turns and a great map, even e-mail it to a smartphone.

Compatible Devices

The program (MapBuddy) runs only on Windows PC. *** It can communicate with any Garmin GPS. **** For photos, any camera with GPS, smartphone with GPS (turned on) or Garmin GPS with a camera. ***** MapBuddy needs to have a stable internet connection to work completely but certain functions will work off-line.

Price Tag

One year subscription price is $795. ** There are discounts for multiple subscriptions: eg. four bought at the same time would be $646 each. For these discounts, please give us a call.


MapBuddy is always the latest version. It checks for updates every time it opens. We only need to keep the files current on our server for everyone to have the latest version.
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New … from within the free version of MapBuddy you’ll quickly see that you can
                         start a trial version of PatchMap – DisPatch
Then able to purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription (Program Settings/Manage Extensions)
New Pricing: $795.00/year