MapBuddy PatchMap vs MapBuddy Dispatch

SkyBase has recently developed a new program, MapBuddy. This highly detailed PC mapping system comes with options for tons of great add-ons and extensions to help our users with their unique mapping needs. This article will help shed some light on the key differences between two of our most popular extensions.

MapBuddy PatchMap

MapBuddy PatchMap | An SD Companion

MapBuddy PatchMap is a PC based map that is intended to enhance the use of your PatchMap SD. Many of our PatchMap GPS users have asked us for the ability to share their GPS maps on their computer. Some of you may remember the 2013 launch of GPSbuddy. MapBuddy is the new and improved version of that program. Similar to Google Maps, MapBuddy allows you to zoom and pan to all areas of a large map with ease, which can be quite difficult on a GPS screen.

A PatchMap SD user can create waypoints on their PC map and then download them onto their GPS for routing. You can also do the opposite, save waypoints you have been to with your GPS and upload them onto your PC to view on a larger scale. These files can easily be shared via email to other MapBuddy users. A great option for oilfield workers to share important site details with supervisors.

MapBuddy PatchMap users can also search for wellsites, plantsites and facilities by LSD. It is what you have been asking us for, delivered in an easy to use, PC format. Check out more details about MapBuddy PatchMap Companion Here.

Dispatching Program for the Oilfield
MapBuddy Dispatch | For Professional Dispatching

MapBuddy Dispatch is a subscription based program designed for professional dispatching. For our return customers, you will recognize this program as a replacement for our PatchMap PC. Some of the key improvements to this program include automatic updates, every time you open the program! You will also be alerted to new program capabilities as they are added. So you know all the cool developments our team creates as they are made.

Our primary mission with this product is to enable proper routing for oil and gas service companies as well as the oil and gas companies themselves. We know your priority is efficient logistics for any project. We want to help your company overcome costly obstacles and in turn save you precious pennies.

Other uses include; l visualizing a subdivision by a farmer to fighting wilderness fires in areas that you have less than complete data; to visualizing the gas co-op ‘leak detection’ file (before paying for the service) to being able to properly dispatch from the 911 center. Check out more details about MapBuddy Dispatch Here.

If you have any questions about our two options for PatchMap users please feel free to contact our sales team, 780814-2130.

From the oilfield labourer to the company head, we have something for everyone. Our goal is making your every day routing more efficient and cost effective.

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