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FREE Version Overview

NOW INCLUDES LSD and ¼ SECTION SEARCHES ! *** MapBuddy, SkyBase's FREE entry level product was designed as a simple PC tool that also connects to your Garmin GPS. There are multiple Extensions that enhance the use of MapBuddy depending on your needs. Please see links below for extension details. MapBuddy can be used as a free Viewer of data created on more sophisticated MapBuddy Extensions ... a great way to discretely share your trips, projects or work site info at no cost to others. Utilizes Google Maps Satellite and Terrain views.


MapBuddy will allow users to quickly and easily load trip details such as tracks and waypoints from their GPS into the map. Want to see where you have been? Want to plan a trip ahead of time on a larger map than your GPS will allow? Want to share your tracks with a friend or colleague? MapBuddy is the answer. Upload/Download Waypoints to any Garmin GPS Device. Convert Tracks and Waypoints to a permanent MapBuddy file. Georeference digital photos from your phone or your camera enabled Garmin GPS, for private sharing (hunting or work buddies). Save both the photos and location data in one file for ease of sharing. Measure distances. Zoom to coordinates (multiple formats supported) *Import/Export GPX format.

Compatible Devices

MapBuddy is a web based program compatible with any PC or Mac running with Parallels. * MapBuddy will transfer to and from any Garmin GPS. * Photos from any camera or phone with an activated GPS or photos with positional meta-data can be imported and displayed accurately. * With the more powerful professional Extensions, many other capabilities are available. * Each Extension will have it's own unique abilities, keep current though any of our social media connections.

UpGrade with Extensions

AgMap PC capability is now available on FREE MapBuddy. PatchMap Dispatch extends the capabilities of the free product as well.
Send and Receive Waypoints  | MapBuddy +

Send and Receive Waypoints with MapBuddy

See where the photos were taken | MapBuddy +

See where the photos were taken

Review Photos | MapBuddy +

Review Photos

Lakes with Depth Contours | MapBuddy +

Lakes with Depth Contours