MapSource is Back (Soon)

14 November 2015
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Just a quick note for all you PatchMap users that really don’t want to leave the off-line platform of MapSource … it’s back! … or will be soon. With all the technology changes in the last few years since Garmin put MapSource into retirement, there has not emerged a proper replacement … and we should know.

Within a few weeks we will have PatchMap-PC 2.0 available. The functionality of the program hasn’t changed as that was mothballed a few years ago … and in some ways it has lost capabilities such as communicating with modern Garmin GPS units … it simply doesn’t … at least not reliably.

The program itself is just too damn good to leave in the gutter so we have finally found a way to make it useful again! It will be deployed and updated over the net so the DVD system has gone away. We will no longer be supporting the old system … you’ll have to upgrade to one of our (3) PatchMap systems for computers.

There is now:

  •   **  our own DEM for waypoint elevations without GPS and for profiling pipelines or road routes
  •   **  no more cluttering LSD text
  •   **  day and night versions for those navigating with nRoute
  •   **  more search capabilities
  •   **  with the new method to launch the program, the ability to do file conversions and GPS communications
  •   **  even access some of our other on-line datasets so they can be pulled in before heading to the bush


Anyone who has interest in this please call us so we can discuss your particular circumstances … there is an opportunity to add something you would find the most useful.


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